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Friend of my husband is in the TA. Last year he developed alopecia, which led to him shaving all head hair off. No-one had any problem, the staff that did notice were ok about it, even solicitous in some cases. All the hair grew back, no problem.

This year, it's happened again, not as severe, and no-one's commented on it. However, it looks like one of his eyes is losing it's lashes, and he's worried that it'll continue, so in the end he's got no eyebrows, lashes etc.

The question he's got, but is scared to ask is: can / will they bin him for this? There's nothing physically qrong with him, all test have come back, and everyone honestly believes it's due to stress. He's very capable and well-liked within the unit, and can do all that is required of him.

Apart from the p iss-taking, is there anything to worry about in your opinions?
He won't get binned for it. I know of a few guys who suffer from it. Apart from a bit of gentle pish taking there's been no probs.


Thanks FiveAlpha.

He was worried they wouldn't be keen to send him on deployment if he stood out, so to speak. Will pass this on.


I had the same many years ago and lost a large patch of hair on the back of my head - it was bad enough that on a course once I was asked if I had been hit on the head with an axe!

I am sure it was caused by stress from the job I was in and as soon as I moved on from the place (and the stress) it cleared up fine. A lot of other minor problems also cleared up as well and I felt much, much happier and healthier - I wish I had spotted what was going on with me and asked for a transfer earlier.

I would definitely advise him to treat it as an early warning sign and sort out what the cause of the stress is before other and more serious things start to go wrong with his system.
FiveAlpha said:
He won't get binned for it. I know of a few guys who suffer from it. Apart from a bit of gentle pish taking there's been no probs.

i go away for a few days
and when i come back 5A has been house trained
what bizarre dimension of hell have i actually tipped up in?



We all think it's stress, but the course he's on is known for being high intensity. Having said that, he loves it, and would never transfer. I think it's also got something to do with the fact the he works from 05:30 in the morning until 15:00, and has no holidays as the TA takes them up.

He's just been through a really stressful time, and was expecting it to happen again, just not the eyelashes! As long as they won't bin him, I don't think he minds that much.

Thanks again.

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