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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by whitemouse75, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. just been told by my pay staff that despite me going on attachment for 4 months, i wont be getting LSSA as you only get it when going abroad. can someone tell me when this happened, as i've always received lssa since it began,each time i've been on exercise or away anywhere.

    also, if i'm not getting it, am i entitled to any allowances whilst i'm away as a married soldier?
  2. elaborate on the details...eg what sort of att, distance from your parent location, have you received an Att O? etc
  3. att is work placement, distance is brum (parent unit) to plymouth (att) got an admin order, called the pay office to see if i needed to start lssa before i left or when i got there, they say its only for overseas att.
  4. I have had a similar problem with my Admin Orafice. I was on exercise in Wales for two weeks, it was delcared field conditions by the CO, we were 250 miles away from our parent Unit and had no chance of getting home at night. Is it unreasonable to think that I am entitled to LSSA?

    I await your replies.

  5. there should be no issue here - you should automatically get LSSA, as long as you spend 10 or more NOOB, but if it was an ex that was 2 working weeks, i.e,

    monday week 1, until thursday night week 2 you've dipped out.

    We used to overcome this problem by returning to barracks on a thu night and placing all of the accon blocks OOB.

    we used to basha up on the veh park - finishing with a Regt breakfast in the cookhouse on the final friday morning, thereby officially spending 10 NOOB.

    everybody toed-the-line, no one wanted to be the man caught sneaking back to the block and losing a whole regts worth of LSSA!!!
  6. It was a full two week exercise, we were working all day sat and sunday. Im glad its not just me who thinks we should have got LSSA, right thats it, im off to chest poke the Admin Ocifer with a big stick!!
  7. its not always a question of working weekends -

    when did you depart barracks (clock starts)?

    When did you get back to barracks (clock stops)?
  8. so that should definately mean i'm entitled to it then, surely?
  9. it should, but if you're attached there, it may be classed as a posting.

    check your PMs
  10. Left on a monday for arguments sake lets say monday the 2nd Jan and returned to camp on friday 13 jan. (those are not the dates but it represents the same period of time.
  11. then you should get it
  12. cheers for the advice mate, ill chase it up.

  13. your deployment and notification of field conditions should be on unit part one Os somewhere. use that as documentation
  14. WM75, I may be wrong. But if you had weekends off whilst you were on attachment then you may not be eligible. The reason being that you were able to travel back to your duty station at the weekend. I know that Brum to Plymouth and back again doesn't leave much of a weekend, but unfortunately thats how the system seems to work.

    The following is taken from RAACs Chapter 14 - Separation Benefits Army Code 10 Revised 2005

    I have suffered from this when attending courses within the UK in the Arrse end of nowhere and travelling back to duty station is unfeasible. Sorry this is not what you want to hear. Your best bet is to speak to a tame finance trained clerk and get the definitive view as to what exactly you are eligible to recieve.
  15. due to my job i dont always get weekends off, or even 2 consecutive days off, so this wont apply i hope!?!