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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Whomps, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Hey!

    Thought I'd introduce myself onto the forum, forgive me if this is the wrong place to do it but I'm new on here.

    Just finished uni and looking at joining the Army as an officer. Think Signals, Intelligence or AGC (as it's the most relevant to my degree) are the trades I'm looking at going into.

    I'm pretty new to the Army way of life and though I've got a couple of lad friends in the Army I don't know of any girls, so it would be great to see what selection is like from a girls persepective if anyone could share their experience?

    Also, quick Q, I went to the AFCO the other day to talk about joining and they've booked me in for a briefing and I wanted to ask what sort of thing I can expect from this and any tips of things to do for it?

    Any help would be much appreciated!


  2. The briefing is a two day selection process after which you will be given one of four categories:-
    1) Well done go to main board and smash it!
    2) With a little bit of work you can do this, try main board in 6/12/18 months
    3) Not that good and you will probably fail but you can try if you want
    4) Have you ever thought about the Navy?

    It consists of a mixture of mental and physical tasks which you will be assesed on (though only the mental aptitude carries through to main board)

    Make sure you are up to date with current affairs and can get to the level needed on the bleep test and you should be fine. Make as many notes as possible and try and enjoy yourself.

    See if you can get on the RLC fam visit as this is great prep for the process and they have a free bar :D
  3. Hello and welcome to the Potential Officer's club!

    I'm afraid I can't help you on the lady front but as for the Briefing you should check out the section on the British Army website that has a couple of videos about the AOSB and some files you can download with mock tests on.


    At the Briefing you have been booked on you will be given a category 1 through 4 after you have been assessed. In short 1 is good and 4 is bad.

    Basically you will do a MAP test to see how brainy you are. This will involve a 70 minute exam in which you are scrutinised on your numeracy, literacy and ability to think laterally (psychometric test). I believe this is quite important as it's the only bit of scoring which carries through to the next phase of selection which is the main board week.

    You are also taught some practical techniques and given a tutorial on how to complete a planning task.

    On the second day you do a multi stage fitness test (bleep test) which you must complete to 10.2 although I think it's quite a bit less for ladies. Then you will do a short obstacle course.

    Then it's feedback time and hopefully a Cat 1 or 2 and you'll be booked on the next main board assessment week.

    What are you're Briefing dates if you don't mind me asking? A couple of us here are going on the 9/10th of November, providing my GP gets on with sending off my medical forms.
  4. Bah, quicker and more succinct than me Kyle. Maybe a lesson to be learned there.
  5. Just a little tip, if you really want to go to AOSB briefing on the date you selected whilst at AFCO, you should give your doctor a little bit of gentle persuasion to send Westbury your medical forms. If there is a delay (which is very common) you may be given a later date. A phone call will suffice.

    The MAP test is the most important thing you will do at AOSB Briefing, as comlag says it is the only thing that goes forward to Main Board. The test itself will not be too difficult as long as you are well prepared. Your local library will have books to help you with it.

    Fitness wise, you have to get to level 8.1 on the MSFT and complete an obstacle course that comprises of hurdles, long jump, granny steps (steps going up in height), a 5ft wall and a jump onto a rope. You are explained everything fully so no need to worry too much.

    As Kyle_ni says be up to date with current affairs and be able to talk in front of a group with ease.

    Just have fun and enjoy the two days. There not trying to trip you up, just see whether you have potential.

    If you have any questions just search this forum and it will nearly always have been covered beforehand if not just ask and someone will help you out. :)

  6. Your AFCO may also be referring to a briefing done by the local Officer recruiting bod, who does a PowerPoint etc, then interviews you, then sents to to AOSB Briefing.
  7. Slightly harsh, the Royal Marine potential officers course seems just as gruelling if not more so then AOSB.
  8. Should have said RAF.
  9. Hey!

    Thanks for all the feedback. Was slightly worried that I'd booked myself in for the first big test but I think this might just be the presentation side of things as I haven't done that yet. Thanks for the heads up on what to expect afterwards though!

    Anything I should expect at this stage yet or is it just a general 'why do you want to sign up' interview?

    I know in the current climate there will be a fair few people applying for the Army so the application process might be a bit longer than normal, but generally how long do you think it is between the presentation/interview and the AOSB briefing?

    I'm pretty excited to get the ball rolling now and get on with it but still got to work on my fitness a bit more before I'm there yet.

    What is everyone here going in for? Also I was told that although you say what trade you want to do, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get in for that trade but you'll be allocated one after officer training. Is this true or do you have more of a say than this?

    Cheers guys,
  10. I made contact late August, my first interview was in early September, I'm on the November AOSB Briefing aiming for Main Board in February and, with a bit of luck, Sandhurst in May. Compared to some people this is incredibly quick; one of the other guys waited four months for his initial interview. Common wisdom is to deal only with your ACA directly; avoid the online or postal applications because they route you through an extremely inefficient central processing office.

    Everyone's experience is different, I think it can depend on how busy your ACA is. But the best thing you can do is be on top of the paperwork: when you're given forms to fill in, do them immediately and hand deliver them that same day. Also, when the time comes, be on your GPs case about those medical forms because that can prove a real stumbling block. Oh, and I think I can tell you pretty much for certain that if you're just getting started now then you're looking at next September.
  11. Depends on the regiment you want to join, I've heard from a couple of people that they knew what regiment was going to take them by the 2nd term at Sandhurst.

    As for the application process, I started back in Feb/March, did my briefing in June but due to so many applicants will not be sitting my main board untill first week of November, so am aiming for the May intake, when originally was aiming for January. As for branches I am in applying for Rifles, Welsh Guards and Royal Engineers.

    This said I also have an application in with Officer selection with the Royal Marines, which I am also very interested in. And I must say, even with the fear of becoming unpopular that the Navy are far more efficient in processing people. If all goes to plan I will be making the decision whether to start Sandhurst in May or the Marines in September. I've hear there is nothing wrong with having applications in with more then one service.

    EDIT - For female perspective on military life, this thread may be useful

  12. Hello Whomps,

    Welcome to the fountain of knowledge that is ARRSE.

    I attended the Briefing a few weeks ago and out of 56 PO's there were around 5 girls. With regards to your current situation, I wonder whether you've spoken to your regional Army Careers Advisor. I have to say that mine is brilliant, and has always given me lots of time and advice.

    I'm confused as to what stage you are currently in, whether you need to speak to a senior (retd) officer first as they will usually book you into the Briefing. Best to read the Army Jobs / Officer Careers / RMAS Websites quite thoroughly and pick up some Brochures on Being An Army Officer. These are really useful at your stage.

    At the Briefing it's a two day course that combines lots of different elements. The most difficult is the MAP Testings, as they are carried forward to your main board. The interviews are also difficult and do require some serious pre-thought on "Why you want to be an Officer" "What does Leadership mean to you?" "What do you think 'Serve to Lead' means?" etc. They are tough questions, and your group leader will expect good answers.

    Any other questions?

    Good luck!
  13. Or January - according to my ACA the Sept intakes fill up a year in advance! The sooner you start, the sooner you will get there!
  14. Hey!

    Thanks again for getting back to me. Just to clarify, I'm only at the presentation stage at the moment, well in two weeks anyway.

    Hopefully by then I'll know my stuff a bit more. Do you know if they ask you questions about equipment in this interview or should I leave memorising those bits till a little later on?

    My careers advisor said I was probably looking at the September intake if I make it through which is fine by me as it gives me lots of time to continue getting fit...but May would be better!

    And thanks for the link I'll have a wander over to the forum for a look.
  15. Hi

    Just thought I'd reply as a fellow female :D and also coming up to my MainBoard in 3 weeks. I am not sure as to what this 'presentation stage' you are referring to actually is!

    I had two meetings with my ACA, and then a Briefing date, then a Cat2 3month delay due to injury(note to not get too physical during netball training if wishing to join the Army soon!).

    I started my initial enquiry this time last year, and my briefing was June. Even though I had a 3month injury delay time, my Main Board isn't until November due to amount of people actually applying. Paperwork seems to take forever so be prepared for a long wait!

    HTH give you another persepctive. Good luck and enjoy yourself!