Quick into the Int forum

Why you interested?
What's also really odd is that he's obviously obscured QARANC on his rank slide using some editing software. Now why would you do that?!

Still, it provided everybody in my office with a bloody good laugh!

Edited once for being a spelling mong.
Posted similar in int thread but serving TA ? and working private in operational area, I understood that to be a no no ???
As I said in the Int. thread...He was on the PQO course part 1a at Strensall in 2005 but failed to complete the course. I assume he must have re done the course in order to remain in the TA. However, I hope he isnt using the uniform to make him appear more honest.....especially if he is no longer entitled to wear it. As for your point about working in an operational area there is/was an RGN working for a private company in Iraq that provided A and E qualified nurses for the British Military ( on alot more money than those in the military ) whilst a member of QARANC ( TA ).
That raises an interesting point. Suppose I was a TA tankie and had bought my own surplus Chieftan or such like (Yeah this theory is a bit out there). Anyway Im called up and refuse on the grounds that I am already working or I am available to hire with my very own MBT !.

Its a bizzare situation no ?
I havnt got one really.

But if I show this to the missus she may let me buy one Hurrah ! for me. I wonder if Leftenunt George QARAAAAANC is selling one on e-gay ?
I know nurses are not suposed to use their professional qualification for commercial endorsement... Does the same not apply to the comission?

So, who does know him?
I cannot answer that question
Has he changed the pics? When I look, they're just of his car, albeit with a yellow jacket in the window. Couldn't possibly make out what's written on it though, and I don't see a rank slide or any uniform items.

Am I being thick?

No FF, he's taken his picture off. A few cursory checks over the last few days revealed that he failed his Ph 1a TA PQO course in 2001 and handed his kit in. However, he mysteriously cropped up again at Strensall in 2005 and er, apparently failed the course again. I have a name but I don't think its correct.
Do we have a nursey Walt perhaps?

Of course, all the above may be entirely untrue but then I could just ring him directly couldn't I? :roll:

PS. Have it on good authority that details were passed to a London MI Det!

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