Quick Intelligence test

5 because I'm a thick cnut.
ahhhhhhhh very good,
i got two!!
not bad seeing as i did the test on a thursday!!
Hate to be a show off but i got 11, the pills question took a bit of thought though.

Your Score: 11 out of 11
Your Rating: Only 3 people have ever scored this high

Now Here's the Twist;
Your answers not only can tell your current intelligence,
but the combination can also forcast your upcoming love life:

must get out more must get out more must get out more must get out more must get out more must get out moremust get out more
10 out of 11, I tripped up on Moses Ark :oops: six years of "Divinity" what a waste! :wink:
7 out of 11.
11, though I did guess the one about the innings. Apparently only three people scored this high. Anyone else gets 11 let me know if it tells you the same. Alright just read sappers post. Cancel last.

The question asked how many people Moses took onto the Ark. Ans none 'cos it was Noah wot done it.
ha 4!!!!
oh thats bad innit....(scratches head)
got to go back to work at maccy dees now bye...
7 out of 11, bloody american sports etc

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