Quick Ice-Breaker Question

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by byrnesy8, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Right im in the middle of doing my Ice-Breaker now and im wanting to go for fusiliers, and it says write someting about the chosen regiment, does this mean i have to write where their based when they were formed and what they do? if so can anyone give me some information to put down?
  2. Write whatever you want.

    Use Google for info.

    Lazy ****.

    Or write about the Fusiliers most famous soldiers -Robson and Jerome.
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  3. here **** off if your going to be a daft **** about it
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  4. lol yea well i have everything else, and i know its only to see how i present my self, was just unsure if i had to wirte about the history and stuff about them to show i done to research or if there not bothered they just want to see what im like infront of other people
  5. Joining the thickest tree in the Forest.

    I see an Assault Pioneer career for this bloke.

    Back to his question... if only there was some way of putting questions into some clever bit of kit that can ask the whole internet..
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  6. You're the daft ****, asking daft **** questions on the internet.

    Now take your under-developed swede for a shit.
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  7. here man do your rip man you mug, get your jollys off being a cocky prick over the net, big man you like
  8. iz it coz u izn't blak? What the **** are you dribbling on about you fuktard.

    It appears that you have entered into a war of wit unarmed. Toddle off and play with your lego.
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  9. Yep, you'll go far.

    Can someone translate his comment please? I don't speak fluent Prick.
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  10. You just suck it?
  11. and who are you his little buck buddy come to back him up, ask your mate what it says he seams to speak fluent prick
  12. Can someone translate the above into English?
  13. Everyone loves a "buck buddy". I use your old mans hoop as my man-milk unloading bay.

    I wonder if he farted my population-paste into your mum? You could be my long lost internet child.
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  14. It's like watching the beginnings of a car crash. You know it's not going to end well but you can't help watching morbidly fascinated.
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  15. Wow it's good to see that our recruitment teams are aiming high with our modern crop of future warriors.

    Obviously most people on this forum will understand that that was a use of sarcasm, loosely coupled with a blatant hatred for thick *****, but as you are clearly more suited to playing the part of an extra in 'Soldier Soldier' (perhaps some local slag getting her back doors knocked in as Robson enjoys a pint in the pub) I thought I'd better spell it out for you. Oh and please don't insist on writing 'in Geordie' - no one admires you for being proud of ******* your own sister.
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