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Discussion in 'REME' started by just_jay, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. ( excsuse the grammar please , i am not the most academic)

    hey everyone, my names jay, im 16 and im living in aylesbury buckinghamshire. i have always been interested in the military life, even from a young age, got a bit older decided yer army is for me , and a bit older i decided i wanted to become a REME vm (b)

    i have passed my selection, i done the TST :) was pleasantly suprised to of passed :). my start date is 02.09.07

    just a few questions for you guys if you dont mind answering them please/advice

    i have chosen to go to ATR bassingbourn, as i prefer the 20 weeks training , because i want to get started with my trade. for those of you who trained at the ATR, can you give me some bits of advice to make my training a bit easier( no im not slack, or taking easy way out, im asking for adivce from you expereinced squaddies), even if you trained there quite a while ago.

    also im aware that the army teache's you to drive is this done at the end of my trade training? sorry may seem like a stupid question.

    after passing my trade training. ill be posted to a unit within the UK.. what is the likely hood of me going to afghan/iraq.. i will be 18 obviosly. i am looking forward to doing my 1st tour, because it what i joined the army for. but would not like to be an infantrymen.

    because my i rember my friend was given option of staying in england not going to afghan/iraq, but consiquently haveing to go to germany instead for a year or so.

    at bordon isit alot of theory?? because like i said im not most academic... but i enjoy getting hands on... i mean because i hate school, was any of you the same, and then when you went to bordon you enjoyed it, because my friend said its not like school its different.

    thats all i can think of at the moment, thankyou for reading this

  2. To be honest you would have been better going to the Army College, that is where my son went, he is dyslexic and they gave him extra help. It is NOT like school at all
    They were training everyday and did a lot of sports also. Its also easier because you would recruits the same age as yourself so it is less pressure.
  3. You could be posted to other places aswell as UK when you finish trade training so dont expect to just stay in uk.

    You will normally go up to Leconsfield to do driver training after you finish your trade training.

    Once your over 18 and past trade training you could be on Op tours averaging every 18 months, depends on your first unit.

    Why do you want to be a squat to piss B mech, be a real man and go A mech.

    Bordon VMing is a mixture of academic and practical skills, once in the field force expect to be mainly practical, except when your doing your 3-2 training.

    Everyone are using infantry skills now a days more and more especially on tour and as they say soldier first trades man second.

    Good Luck
  4. thankyou for the quick reply :D yer i suppose there is that side of it.. but 42 weeks to do what i can do in 20 weeks... when i was at my selection there were quite a few lads going to bassingbourn also, my recruiter was quite happy for me to go to bassingbourn, he said that ill enjoy my time at both. but if i enjoy sport alot go to harrogate, i do enjoy my sports but i prefer bassingbourn just seems like itis for me.

    my recruiter was very ohnest, because i am not most acedmic my gcse's grades may not be the highest, so i was going to become a RLC driver.. but he would not let me put it as my 1st choice, i had VM as my 2nd and he said im going to put VM as your 1st, from what you scored in your tests i think that REME is better... and much more beneficial when you go on civvi street. but he seemed happy enough for me to go to bassingbourn.
  5. did you knowthat your recruit gets a bonus from the army if they get to sign.
    i would try and change,
    the plus side you alo get £1000 approx eachmonth and you get the same holidys as you did at school so you can still see you old mates at home.
  6. yer after phase 1 training your a trained soldier, not traded..

    yer they was like pushing me towards a'mech, as you do both a and b and get more licenses.... but how many tanks can i fix on civvi street??

    how long can a tour last up to isit just 6months?? i mean if i am keen to do another tour, can i speak to my CO, and get back out there.. i am not speaking from experience maybe i go on 1 tour and never want to go back out there.. but i doubt that very much

    do i have a choice of the unit i get posted at, and i mean how long do i stay at any 1 unit can it be months, or years.. i assume it just varies am i correct?

    are theyre any units i would want to avoid?

    i was told by a sgt, at selection that by september pay would of gone up and a recruit can be looking at near £300 per week.. i found this difficult to believe. i think this was to attract us to the army more.

    taffy change to what?? sorry :oops:
  7. i have a relative in the rifles, so i have accuired quite a bit of kit, 95 shirts, combat trousers , and gore tex pro boots, smock. during my phase 1 training should i take a few pairs of combats and shirts with me freshly pressed.. and i prefer the smock's to the 95 rip stop combat jackets. should i take it in with me. itis old style.
  8. What planet are you on? I am just leaving recruiting and trust me pal, WE DO NOT GET A BONUS! If we did, my 7/16 X 1/2" spanner would be gold plated. The BARB test is designed to get a General Trainability Index, basically lets us know your aptitude for different Career Employment Groups. You are obviously suited to bothe jobs, why drive them, when you can repair and drive them?
  9. 'A' mechs can fix 'B' vehicles too and there's plenty big plant kit in civvy street.
  10. well reason 4 just driving them is because i dont realy enjoy writing, and find it slightly difficult to take notes.... would i be able to use a dictafone ??

    what big plant kit.. to do A mech' how much longer is the training?
  11. Dont listen to him fella, 'A' mechs are just wannabe 'B' mechs, just have to work on bigger bits of kit as their knuckles tend to scrape along the ground when they walk. :p

    But on a serious note, if you have problems with writing etc. then let people know as you can get help in the army. Reality of the situation is you do need to be able to write as you will find that as you progress in the army you tend to do more paperwork even if some of it is bone and seems pointless at the time, but also computer literacy helps nowdays but hey you are on here so you cant be all bad!
  12. being an "a" mech you will earn more money in civy street,plant mech,s are paid a lot more than a lorry fitter and the likes.
  13. Don't bother as you will just lose it. if you get caught with extra kit you will get accused of theft.

    leave it at home. for when you complete Phase 1.
  14. Dont know about you fella, but i am only using my quals as a fall back, i intend to be more than just a lorry fitter when i get out as i am fooked if i can be arsed fixing crap kit in sh1te weather if i can get a job as something better.

    waiting for the flak :p
  15. i,ve been a crane fitter for 12years mate,and i still love it. :D