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Discussion in 'Medals' started by KeepCalmCarryOn, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Tried the medals office, and around work. Need a definate answer sharpish before my no.2's go to the tailors.
    Balkans medals. Qualified for EUFOR medal from Bosnia, and then was sent down to Kos for rest of tour. Also qualified for Non Article 5 NATO medal. This was 2006. Nobody knows which, if not both, medals can be worn. Some say i can choose one, some say both, some say not non article 5 chocolate bar. Anybody who actually knows, rather than speculating, please get back to me!
  2. You cannot wear the non-article 5 medal
  3. You can if you do not have either a NATO Former Yugoslavia or a Kosovo medal.
  4. are you sure??
    I thought non-article 5 was a no no, especially as you are also given it for Afghan which obviously has nowt to do with FRY
  5. You can't wear the Afghan one but if you got it in the Balkans and don't already have one from that theatre then you can wear it.
  6. The Non Article 5 medal cannot be worn if you have the Former Yugoslav medal. You can wear it with the EUFOR medal. The ISAF medal from the Stan has nothing to do with the Balkans. Different ribbon. There is a DCI out on the wearing of the Balkans medals.
  7. What is the EUFOR medal? Sounds a bit gay.
  8. Or Kosovo.
  9. It is, came in on 04 Dec 04, when NATO handed over control of the balkans to the European Union. It is the worst medal i have ever been given. It comes with the Athea clasp.
  10. You're not wrong!

  11. Not sure on the kosovo medal because at the time in 2004 it was only Bosnia which came under control of the EU and i think Kosovo stayed under NATO control.

    You are right it is chippy.
  12. KCCO - not at work at the momement, i think you can wear both, JSP 761 Chap 12 (one of the annexes) gives the medals approved for wear and their dates. Should be available on DII or Armynet. Your SSA might even have a copy!! Latest edition is May 08 ish, think it supercedes the old DCI's
  13. What's the ALTHEA clasp?

    Wasn't she Bruce Forsythe's wife?

    But seriously, what is it?
  14. Try reading a couple of posts above the picture. :roll:
  15. From JSP 761 can't see any reference to not being allowed to wear non article 5 although I'm sure I read it somewhere.