Quick fix to RAF AT problem ?

I spotted this article in the Times and thought....Mmmmmmm, wonder if some sharp eyed buyer could get a good deal on some newer airfarmes whilst the over priced PFI struggles to find funding..? Or is this too logical and too simple..?
Well the kicker with RAF AT has never really been the airframes, it's the fuel and maintenance that give the MoD ballache.

These cheap airframes don't really improve ATs lot much. In fact, it could makes things worse.

I guess you could buy up more than you need, bell and whistle a dozen then christmas tree the rest.... but that's not sustainable long term...
Too expensive for a stop gap, we are currently suffering at the hands of an ageing fleet, the last thing we need is more old aircraft.

Our best bet would be to sell 4 Typhoons, buy a couple of brand new 757s and fit them with defensive aids.