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Quick CBA question



Not sure on the level,

but on ex a few years back we shot a plate at 80 meters with a 5.56 for a demo for the younger troops and it didn't go through.
made a mess of the plate though.
Ceramic plate shattering/crushing is what takes the kinetic energy out of the bullet. The area of the impact is also increased resulting in bruised Moobs, but intact hide - Insh'allah. Just got to hope that the opposition are good enough marksmen to hit the plate and aren't using .50 cal.

Now, if it was an AP 5.56 mm round...
I'm not sure which CBA is issued so sorry if any info is inaccurate, these are the ceramic plates NP Aerospace make.

Level III plates are designed to stop 5.56x45mm M193 rounds @ 990m /sec and 7.62x51mm NATO Ball L2A2 @ 800m/sec.

Level IV plates are designed to stop 7.62x63mm AP M2 at @ 868m/sec.
Here is a link to the CBAs they also make, it says in the description whether it uses 3 or 4, or can use both. I'm guessing its the top one though, bog standard CBA in which case it's level 3 plates.
Cheers for the link, will have to double check with them and if need be see if I can get the level 4 plates.
Does look like the first set though (seems odd as it sounds as if the difference is just the plates/cover).


Older_by_the_day said:
Cheers for the link, will have to double check with them and if need be see if I can get the level 4 plates.

keep in mind that if you are off anywhere like herrick or telic and are going outside the wire you'll get issued opsey or viper body armour and that that stuff is totally different and a higher degree of protection. 8)
Speak to the guys on the OPTAG(G) team, they have demo plates that have been shot by all calibre of pistol and rifle ammunition, they will stop everything upto and including 7.62 long. However it took 2 to stop a 50 cal round. This was all at 100 metres. And they definately won't stop a Dushka round, those things are made to penetrate tanks!
Actually not in anymore, so this is a privately financed venture!
Scaley, am sure they had the plates there when I did NITAT training, quite impressive.
Though Dushka was 12.7mm (aka .50)? Do you mean the KPV?

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