Quick! Call the Police farce! He's armed!

Caught Bang (Cillit) to rights,,,,What a waste of taxpayers money....
He was on a one man crusade to wipe out the Filth!
Are the police taught nowdays what a gun looks like ? I would have thought they would all be experts due to the long hours of playing x box/PS3 back at the nick.
They are prosecuting Reckitt Benckiser for breaching trading standards laws, as the description of goods act clearly must mean that said product is some kind of explosive device.
That Cillit-Bang bottle looks suspiciously like a Glock Smith & Wesson in .62 Magnanimous Arctic Express to me. No wonder the Old Bill were worried.

It's the nature of the organisation. In such a politically correct, diverse, inclusive etc, etc set up, Health & Safety is God. You can't help an old lady across the road without carrying out a "dynamic risk assessment". It's not that long ago that a woman bled to death because police wouldn't let paramedics in to her house to treat her, even though the whole street were telling them the perpetrator had left the house.
Was it the twat who is on the ads that was holding the bottle? I'd shoot him on sight........
Its horrible stuff. What if it got on their expensive hi via jackets?

Serious note. I did notice that "someone" called it in. Plod can only act on info given at face value but why he was charged at the end remains a mystery.
Listen you lot I've got an Inside source, who assured me that the 'weapon' he was carrying can be easily mistaken for a stinger missile system, in a bad light if the lads haven't cleaned their glasses for a while. And besides which they can't take chances these days what with the Olympics just around the corner.

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