Quick battery charge question

i've got a 12v 7ah motor cycle battery for powering a fish finder

What charger do I need to get to juice it up. Can I get one from argos. If so which one

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Bag in on a std car charger but don't leave in on for days as it will boil the gel off

or an old 12v Wart wart / Plug top psu 1.5A ish thing, crimp female spades after cutting the jack off & bob ya uncle

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Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper just to purchase a new battery?
1. Determine the type and capacity of the battery. There are several types and many capacities. The charger should be one that is designed to charge the type you have and the charge current needs to be as recommended for the type and capacity.

2. Search for a charger that is suitable for the type and capacity.

You might get away with using any old bog standard car battery charger but there's also a chance you might not!

Good luck

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