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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kez, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. kez


    I saw when i went to the 2 day pre-selection that you do a swim test at basic training in the first week, I can only swim from a to b front crawl and cannot dive or tread water, i have a bit of a phobia of deep water, will this stop me from being able to join up?
  2. Not a clue! First I've heard of it. I'm a competant swimmer, but I've never learnt to dive properly, so I hope they're okay with a run-up and a bomb. My last dive attempt on holiday turned in to me belly-flopping in to the water.
  3. It wont stop you joining and you will do annual swim tests once in some units but isnt too hard a test with swimming a few lenghts in kit then treading water and seen a number of soldiers who never have been able to swim good..........I do advise you trying to learn though to a basic standard........you might need it when you fall in a Wadi in Afghan.
  4. Ha!

    I chuckled.
  5. Depending on the training depot you go to will depend how much emphasis on swimming there is. I went to Pirbright and they have (had?) a pool on camp. Swimming for PT was therefor in the weekly PT programme.
    Basically- the PTI's will take a list of strong,weak,phobic swimmers and treat you accordingly. You will get extra lessons to bring you up to speed to pass your Mil swim test.
    If you don't pass it at basic training then this will be picked up further down the line by future PTI's who will take you for swimming training. It wont stop you from being able to join up. You will be a better soldier for getting over your phobia and becoming an able swimmer.
    Don't worry about it,try your best and good luck!
  6. Don't panic about it 24 years later and still a weak swimmer.
  7. Don't worry about you'll be taught during phase 1 training.
  8. Don't worry about it, if you drown, you'll never be asked to do it again ^^
  9. No it wont stop you from joining up bud, but, there is a swim test like you say. When I did mine(1997) you had to swim around the pool so many times(breast stroke) and then tread water for a certain amount of time. It wasn't too hard from what i remember, but they will help you so don't worry! Good Luck, and stay safe!