Quick Air rifle ID

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by thegimp, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. I nipped into a gun shop a couple of weeks ago, tested out all the models on display and came away with a second hand BSA

    I'm out the country at the minute and need to ID it so I can get some magazines and other stuff for it

    It cost 450 quid

    Its a BSA

    Bottle powered
    Telescopic sights
    10 pellet magazine
    Bolt action
    Safety catch forward and under bolt action IYSWIM
    To me it seems quite "weighty"
    Walnut stock

    It can shoot the bellend off a fly from 35 meters (measured) and seems to have a lot of power (Although I don't have much experience with air rifles)

    I just don't know what model it is. No apparent marking on it

    I;m asking not googling as work firewall is uber draconian and I can't get any firearms website up

    cheers big ears
  2. Yeah, that sounds like an air rifle. Happy to help.
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  3. bsa_super10mk3.gif

    Sounds like a Superten. Look anything like this?

    They do carbine versions and bull-barrel ones too. That said stuff like the bottles and magazines are interchangeable the actions are the same. Later models have pressure gauges on the underside of the stock. If you live near Aldershite, Clarkes over at Blackwater can help you with stuff as they're BSA dealer.
  4. Sound like either the R10 or one of scorpion range. Check out the airgun centre (Rayleigh) they've got pictures or the BSA range on the web site.
  5. Sounds like a BSA Super10 or similar, all the magazines are the same so you just need to buy BSA 10 shot mags in .177. The latest ones are the ones to buy, early ones can have feed problems.
  6. AYe thats the bugger. Bloody awesome it is. Is it a decent choice, it just seemed the best shooter in the shop at the time and was it worth the cash?

    I drew a 10 row of 4 mm circles in a target, thinking squirrel earole size, zeroed it and it was spot on every time.

    I used to have to "HB pass" my APWT so I'm no marksman

    Most impressed with the new toy, doubt the resident population of tree rats, pigeons and rabbits on my country estate will be though.

    38 quid for a ******* extra magazine though what the fook is that about
  7. fly murderer!
  8. I get decent groups with mine, although it's picky about the pellets you feed it. One thing about .177 is you will get a flatter trajectory so you end end up thinking less about how much hold-over you have to use at various ranges. I invested in a divers tank to recharge the bottle. If you go down this route, your better off trying to find a second-hand one if possible but make sure it has reasonable amout of time left on its' test certificate.

    You'll be surprised however how many pellets sometimes it takes to keep a squirrel still. Most of the time though my cat carries them off to munch on.
  9. Population control agent if you don't mind.......
  10. I paid £150 for mine and sent it off to John Bowkett for FAC conversion. It's now running at around 28ftlb and incredibly accurate, good for using around horses and houses when I can't use the rimfires.

    The mags are expensive, which is why I've only got two. If you do have one go wrong BSA are good at changing them gratis.
  11. i still cant get over the cost and engineering that goes in some of these pre-charge penumatic airguns. they are a hell of a lot more complex than a simple .22lr semi-auto.
    ffs, for 500 quid you can join a rifle club, get membership, get a FAC, and a get brand new 10/22 with suppressor all in.
  12. Some of them are truly incredible, not an accusation you could level at a 10/22 until you've done a shit load of work on it and replaced everything apart from the sling swivels. Good fun though... ;-)
  13. I can see where you are coming from but I just want to kill the squirrels and pigeons in my back yard not vapourise them. They also have a tendency to move, which makes it a bit more of a challenge than shooting at concentric rings.
  14. off a stand with my hammi i can get ten pellets darn near the same hole,, they are good these days,but no fun,, i have a springer, allso a hammi,, i shoot that more oft than not,,