Quick AFPS 75 / 05 Poll

Discussion in 'REME' started by Arr3eH0Le, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. Yes, I have served less than 12 years

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  2. Yes, I have served over 12 years

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  3. No, I have served less than 12 years

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  4. No, I have served more than 12 years

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  5. I havent received my OTT Pack yet so not decided

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  6. I couldnt give a shit really

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  1. Would be interested to see who is thinking of swapping
  2. Possibly in the wrong thread, I know there are other AFPS topics going on in the AGC threads, try posting there mate :)

    It would be interesting to see who would actually transfer, I am in two minds and will be taking some professional advice.

  3. Have posted elsewhere with regards this too.
    I stand to have a difference of 10 grand lump and 3 grand a year pension between the schemes if i have a full career
    (beyond 22).
    If we get a straight answer on serving 'til 55 it may be worth the change. (or becoming the friendliest AGC clerk that Corps has ever seen!)
  4. I have made noises in ref to serving longer in the Corps but apart from an initial "we are looking at it" I havent heard any more since.

    I will need to serve 6 years extra to achieve full pension so am looking out for a way to gain those years, AGC for instance will not be ruled out :)
  5. You seem like a clever boy! Thought 'bout teaching in AGC? Niteracy and lumeracy for the scrots or new stylee EFP cant be that hard can it?
    Even the welfare sector of the AGC.
    To be honest JB68 any job that will give you those extra 6 years is worth looking at aint it.
    You aint too bad already tho' if a its only a further 6 to do 'til 55.
    Hey you aint the ASM from PAAB are ya?
    Ha ha
  6. no one is that old LOL
  7. Thnx for the AGC thread post tip, I have duplicated the Poll there.
  8. Have worked out that I would have to serve passed my 48th birthday, and reach the ripe old of 65, in order to benefit from switching to the new system. I would still have to reach the ripe old of 65 to actually receive the full benefit!! Lump sum plus an immediate pension on retirement, or wait and hope to reach 65? Hmmm, let me think.

    The Government, sorry Parliament, doesn't introduce a new pension system because it is going to benefit you!!
  9. Herewith the best sentence ever written on this topic!
  10. Follow the link to the pension calculator and work out for yourselves what's best.
  11. Thanks for the link SeahorseSpanner, I have tried out the calculator and know what figures are involved in the change, the aim of this Poll was to see what ppl generally had decided.

    Meself I am in the majority, ie over 12 years and no way swapping now.