Qui prodest? Who is the main benefactor of Lebenese war?

Who is the main benefactor of Lebenese war?

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I propose some options. Though who knows, even Russia could be regarded as a benefactor due to high oil prices.
It would appear the good ol' US of A and in particular their arms industry are benefiting quite nicely from this.

BBC report

Although I beleive it would be naive to think it were just the US who are benefitting. Interesting point on Russian oil though, hadn't really considered that. So... the oil and arms industries.

However, without wanting to get too left wing and radical I beleive this campaign to be an ideal recruiting ground for Hezbollah. I would imagine that even those people in Lebanon who tolerate the tit for tat battle between Hezbollah and Israel will get a little upset when their house is levelled, their familes and friends killed etc. and would be more inclined to associate Israel with death and destruction of their way of life. At the most basic level, mankind has a survival mechanism and if the people of Lebanon do link Israel with death they are surely going to be more inclined to stave off the 'problem' be that through traditional political means, or more likely through terrorist/freedom fighting activities.

So in summary, no one *really* benefits except a few big businesses.
It appears that Russia surpisingly has ability to test its weapons.


But Iran and Syria also used those six years to provide satellite communications and some of the world’s best infantry weapons, including modern, Russian-made antitank weapons and Semtex plastic explosives, as well as the training required to use them effectively against Israeli armor.

It is Hezbollah’s skillful use of those weapons — in particular, wire-guided and laser-guided antitank missiles, with double, phased explosive warheads and a range of about two miles — that has caused most of the casualties to Israeli forces.

Hezbollah’s Russian-made antitank missiles, designed to penetrate armor, have damaged or destroyed Israeli vehicles, including its most modern tank, the Merkava, on about 20 percent of their hits, Israeli tank commanders at the front said.
Syria has also given Hezbollah its most sophisticated antitank weapons, sold to the Syrian Army by Russia.

Those, General Kuperwasser said, include the Russian Metis and RPG-29. The RPG-29 has both an antitank round to better penetrate armor and an anti-personnel round. The Metis is more modern yet, wire-guided with a longer range and a higher speed, and can fire up to four rounds a minute.

Some Israelis say they believe that Syria has provided Hezbollah with the Russian-made Kornet, laser-guided, with a range of about three miles, which Hezbollah may be holding back, waiting for Israel to move farther into southern Lebanon and extend its supply lines.

Despite Israeli complaints to Moscow, “Russia just decided to close its eyes,” a senior Israeli official said.
Whilst the world is focused on Lebanon, and everyone jumping on Israels back, Iran are quietly building up their Nuclear programme and laughing to themselves as the whole region de-stabilises, when at the right moment they can pounce. Iran is quite happy to fund and support continued aggression in the region

As a footnote, why are there 11 votes and 2 responses?
Do you mean benefactor or beneficiary? This is not just a pedantic point, the difference is 180 degrees. Benefactor is 'patron, sponsor, backer' and beneficiary is 'recipient, receiver of benefit'.

If benefactor, then probably Syria and Iran.
This may all change

but I think the short term the biggest benefactors of this war are going to be Hezbollah and Islamist style parties - when you have figures like Aoun praising the resistance - Hezbollah are winning.
I think you could see some sort alliance emerging between Amal and Hezbollah and secularist and other parties after this will be loathed to criticise Hezbollah. The growth of Hezbollah politically will out weigh any loss of military power.

Iran also comes out in a better position, the French and others are fuming with rage (because shock horror, there are other interests in the Middle East other than the Americans) and I think if anything Lebanon will move away from the American sphere.

China, I think could be another winner via their battle with the Americans for Energy. Wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese start take an interest in Lebanon.

The Lebanese people - (screwed by all sides)
The USA - Miscalculated spectacularly - Iran has not been weakened, Syria has not disengaged from Iran. Energy prospects are as bleak as ever. Also its allies: the so called 'moderates' (Don't know how Saudi can ever be considered to be moderate but that's another thing altogether) their anti-Shi'ite rhetoric failed, their populaces swung the other way and they were forced to modify their position.
Saudi Arabia - Saudi influence in Lebanon has been hurt by the war.
France - The old colonial power looks foolish.

The Israelis - I think are neither winners or losers in this because I think they at the present moment they are not interested in any sort of comprehensive peace settlement and won't win economically from the destruction of Lebanon. But they will continue to be the strongest power in the ME and will continue to have the backing of America.
Russia, China, Venezula and other South American Countries.
Fifth_Columnist said:
Do you mean benefactor or beneficiary? This is not just a pedantic point, the difference is 180 degrees. Benefactor is 'patron, sponsor, backer' and beneficiary is 'recipient, receiver of benefit'.

If benefactor, then probably Syria and Iran.
You are absolutely right. It is my poor English. Of course, rather Israel (along with USA) is a benefactor that makes a gift to Hezbollah and Iran that are beneficiaries. And Russia is (though without intention) a beneficiary too.


I think clearly one side has been fighting a tactical war with no short or long term strategy, while the other has been fighting a strategic war with whatever tactical ability was available. Accepting that it can be argued that both groups of combatants have been acting as proxy forces for nations if not ideological outlooks, it is clear one side has benefitted in it aims while one has failed. It will be interesting to see how the losing side will make up lost ground, metaphorically. The war for hearts and minds in the region that was being lost progessively has just been surrendered.
I'll tell who's benefitting from the Lebabese war, ME!

I'm due to go a sandy place soon and quite frankly the fact that Lebanese Hezbollah are preoccupied elsewhere is in my favour.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I'm happy to see the carnage in S. Lebanon/N. Israel. However, there are upsides for Brit forces deployed abroad.
Special_Kind_Of_Cynicism said:
I'm due to go a sandy place soon and quite frankly the fact that Lebanese Hezbollah are preoccupied elsewhere is in my favour.
Right now the locals where you going are:

1. Watching atrocities in Lebanon and Gaza
2. Vowing revenege on Crusaders
3. Trying to decide which way is best AQ or Hezbollah

May not be in your favour.


Definately the time to be from a family that got their crusading done 700-900 years ago then, and then recall that fact pretty sharpish :twisted:

Otherwise you might like to visit this site....


...sign up if your family wasn't there from 1099 onward, nothing like a good ARRSE whipping theologically and literally to change one's worldview.
The intended benefactors: US defence industry stockholders, and the participants in any future strike against Iran (the defeat of Hizbollah being the main aim of this operation).

The actual benefactors: US defence industry stockholders and worldwide anti-Israeli opinion.
1 kilometere from israel northern border, were iran-contra stuff i think.
Really? Then there'll be hell to pay. the date on the side of that box is 2001.

Now, who in the region, would have received supplies of TOW in 2001?
To :A former IDF Quartermaster
c/o IDFPO Military Prison Number 6


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