Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Idontgetit, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Where do you go on ARRSE if you are studying ( informally) a particular topic linked to current affairs and have a question ? Can't plonk it on a thread. Can anyone please advise ?
  2. What is the topic?
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  4. When I've stopped laughing, Biscuits......

    At the moment:
    i)Generic themes about the state of democracy around the globe, what prevents it, how it remains stable and the threats to it.
    ii)Other forms of government and influences such as religion,military dictatorships etc.

    I'm tackling : 'What Is Democracy' by Stein Reiben (? think that's his surname) but a few good authors would be helpful as it's a new theme for me and the thought of taking on global politics is a bit overwhelming.

    How can I best structure my studies ?
    I want to gain a better overall and country-specific understanding of different forms of leadership. Target areas I thought about :

    Middle East
    Islam in general

    Not sure what era to start from. Studied Modern European History so wondered if going back a little and getting a fundamental understanding of each country's political history since 1800 or so would help ?

    Manchester library will be a main source of information for books, but websites ( authentic ones that are academically - approved), Hansard documents, European and UN documents whatever.

    The most important thing is to sort out a structure that will make sense, so I thought to start broad and work into more detail, like a triangular effect ?

    Thank you
  5. Have you actually read anything posted on ARRSE?
  6. lost me at 'Generic'
  7. He's planning a coup! check his IP address - is it Ghana?
  8. Checked the IP address, it appears to be a Netcafe in Guinea....

    IDGI , I'm sure once everyone has stopped thinking WTF , you'll get some help. As suggested, try reading Arrse on some of those topics, or look at your question again, and reassemble as a bite-sized topic starter?
  9. Yes, anything outside of quantum physics and we're f*cked.
  10. Speak for yourself! One man's quark is another man's poison!
  11. Sorry, I'm more your man for cold fusion theory. Chiefly the process and mechanics of fusing myself to a 4 pack of cold Scrumpy Jack , which in theory will be anytime now.

    Weighty topics, suitable for lengthy discussion in this august company, really shouldn't be posted on a Friday afternoon...
  12. I'm female. Not planning a coup, leastways not this weekend.
    Sorry if it sounds wordy.

    You asked me what the topic is and I tried to outline it as clearly as I can see it which is broad strokes only.....

    So. From a Multi-Tasker to Spacial-Awareness Experts, I shall try to state it one thing at a time:

    Is there any good reading material that gives a general overview of the above topic please?

    I try to read the threads on ARRSE but they are often targeted at one specific incident or parliamentary session.
    OK if you have the inside picture but hard if starting out putting the pieces together.

    Enjoy your bevvies. I'll try my luck at the library.
  13. I have no idea how many topics there are on ARRSE but they are many and it would take you eternity to read all of them.

    Suffice it to say that dipping in and out of them should give you a flavour of what members of ARRSE and, dare I say it, what many, if not most of the population, believe in - namely

    A belief in democracy
    A very healthy contempt for the political class - well deserved
    The political class should get out of the bloody way
    People should be allowed to get on with their own lives without government interference.

    A few others might be added but not many, I expect.

    But then most here are merely sensible citizens who have not been corrupted by the political bubble.