Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JamesiBoi, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. OK guys im looking to get fit for my selection well im only at the application stage but anyway I was wondering how you guys on here exercise? what your daily routine is etc... where do most of you guys run because I know treadmills are pointless but how do you know how far you have ran and what time etc...maybe a pedometer which i tried but thought they were crap. finally what is the time again 10.30 for the run how often would you be running that like everyday? or testing urself once a week?? O and one more weight training do you guys just do sits up and pushups just like whaa is tested of you?

    Thanks James
  2. Try Google Earth for route selection, it has a nice little route marker which tells you what the distance is. If you are training for a PFT then do 1.5 mile couple of times a weeks, be careful though as you are just training your body for that specific thing. You need to do a good 5 mile run at least twice, maybe three times a week. Body weight excersises are good before basic/selection whatever, you really do not benefit from 'bulking up' at all. Once you are in the army, after all the training you can go to the gym and take all the creotine/protein you want, but in basic it will only slow you down. Do pull ups, tricep dips, press ups with various hand positions and all the abs excersises you can think of.
  3. at the end of the day the most important aspect of your fitness (as a soldier) should be endurance, not strength. that means working on cardiovascular fitness more than weight training etc. get a track worked out and time yourself on it every time, itll make you push yourself harder and you start to see the improvements instead of running around like a madman and not really gaining anything. and dont try to run too far at first, steady jog for about a mile or 2 and work it up gradually. fartlek (google it lol) is very good for building fitness as well. good luck
  4. Ask for an army fitness training booklet from your AFCO. It has a big poster inside that you can stick up in your room which shows you a viriety of excercises and stretches as well as a brilliant 3 month training programme!
    I'm doing it, and it's great.
  5. Everyone does different stuff i think...I do some running on the treadmill as i don't think it's pointless but i also do some running outdoors. I also try to focus on different parts of my body and then give them time to repair. ie. endurance cardio (long, slower runs) one day, then chest back and arms next day, then perhaps rest, then more intense cardio day after (where i time my 1.5 miles, then work legs and abs (thats the plan this week) :D . It's working for me atm but i think it depends a lot on how much time you have and what facilities you've got access to.
  6. Run 3 times a week, short/sprint distance (1.5 miles), middle distnce (3 miles) long distance (10 miles)

    Doing that will cut your times alot, I barley did any running for a BFT on a look at life course, just cycled and swimmed and got 8.13. So, remeber to cross train as well to avoid injury and to develop other parts of your body. Doing a circuit training class once a week will also stand you in good stead.