I have got a few questions about Enhanced Learning Credits. Basically I am coming up to my four year point and considering signing off to do a masters degree. My questions are

How much money is available for someone doing just the 4 years service?

When can you start claiming it?

How much can you claim per year? (the course I want to do is only one year)
The short answer is 80% of the cost to a max of £1000
You can claim any time after you have 4 yrs in the scheme and you can claim in 3 financial years.

If this is your first degree qual, you may get the whole lot paid for.

Go and see your IERO - the only person who really knows.
You need 4 years in the scheme not 4 years in the Army, check your ELC Certificate to see what your start date is.

Also, if you claim after youve left the army you are taxed on the £1000, while you are in the army pays the tax.

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