Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ron_Manager, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. anyone have any idea when the 2009 bounty will be paid?? will it be may again..

    also...doing my MATTs next month and im wondering if its ok to do the chamber with contact lenses...anyone done it with them in??

    cheers all
  2. You can't go int the RTF with contacts in.
  3. hi, as long as you dont have to take your resperator off your fine, generally i keep mine on, as long as i know i wont be taking it off.

    part of the brief however is that you shouldnt, so play it safe and take them out before, and dont do what i have done many a time before, come out the chamber, fingers into my contact lense case, take out contacts and place into the eyes, its slightly uncomftable.

    for the bounty, i am expecting it may 1st, as the training year goes up to the 31st april, i cant see any PSAOs processing them before then, personally i think its a tad out of order, dont know why the bounties cant be processed on April 1st for us to receive a few days later
  4. expect your bounty to be in at the end of may, and not the begining.

    if your wondering why.


  5. Just to point out ron, you do know you need to pass them first to get your bounty and aren't you leaving it a tad late in the year to be doing them?

  6. if hes doing them next month surely its for next years trg year? ;)

    when i signed on the dotted line many years ago, i was promised bounty start of april, now its the end of may, how many of us would accept getting bonuses from our civi works two months after first promised them?
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Depends - how many people are actually getting bonus these days? Especially tax free ones?
  8. Spotted, mong mode here.....
  9. cheers guys for the info...

    ill keep me bins on for the chamber as last year i was lucky and didnt have to take mine off...but me mate had to do the whole nine yards and looked like he had been rolling in kitty litter!

    ps.. the bounty question is for last years MATTs and camp 08-09 year

    Matts in April for next year 09-10 :D

    regards ron
  10. I know the answers to these questions but refuse to answer on the grounds that anyone who starts a thread called "questions" should be deported to Belgium.
  11. Ron. Are you a little bloke? I suspect you might be. Attempting to gain entry to the chamber could only be done by someone the same height and build as a 5.56mm round. So I don't see the contacts being an issue really!

    Kind regards
  12. Surely this will get inputted in April for the May pay run as it was last year?
  13. And it depends on how on the ball your unit are with pay and JPA, if they get it wrong then you might be getting your bounty as late as Sept... We had several chaps who for reasons which were never properly explains didn't get their bounty until after annual camp. It caused no end of frustration for all concerned, though the majority of the unit got theirs around the begining of May.


  14. I work for a big well known company who make plenty of fcuk ups but somehow we still manage to get paid a bonus, weve been told we are on target for a £1500 bonus if we beat our delays, broken components, etc by the 1st april. The bonus is to be paid in July!!!! I presume the reason why this is, is because the longer the money is sitting in the bank, the more interest is paid. :x