Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by as19, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi, i'm part way through my application and am interested in the intelligence corps. I've looked through different threads on here, read the army jobs website and the booklet the careers office gave me but still had a couple of questions (which my recruiter couldn't answer). I understand that due to the nature of the job, there is a lot that you can not discuss. But hopefully i am not prying too much...How often do you get posted on operations as an opmi? Are you usually posted as a team of intelligence corps soldiers, or would you be assigned to different regiments. I understand a bit about the different roles as an opmi, the careers booklet i was given gave the example of an opmi, that has specialised in human intelligence, deployed in iraq interviewing detainees. Is this a typical role for an opmi on operation? My main concern is that i like the sound of the job from what i've read, but it's difficult, because of the nature of the job; to fully know exactly what you could be doing. Some of what i have read on here points to it being a possible desk job, where as i'm looking for something mentally, but also physically challenging.

  2. How many more threads are we going to get of this nature. FFS, if you want to join the Corps, you will need to conduct research. Practice that by reading this forum. You will find the questions you have asked here are more than covered already :twisted: .
  3. You don't have to encourage them by answering the thread and prolonging it......................doh!
  4. Fair comment, i am being idle. The only question i have that i can not find an answer to though, is what life on the operational side is like. The previous example i gave, is that a typical role for an opmi when deployed? The reason i ask is that i like the sound of the job, however some of what i have read on this forum makes it sound like the majority of the time you spend sitting in an office googling 'the enemy'. I want some excitement ot of the job, especially when being deployed, i don't mean chasing people through compounds, shooting at the taliban. As with the example from the booklet, could working as a specialist in humint mean you could be present at shuras whilst deployed with front line soldiers trying to glean intelligence from locals? I hope i have not been too specific.

  5. Join up and find out! I have been out a while so cannot speak about being an OpMi at the present time but I reckon the Int Corps is well placed to offer you some "excitement", if that is what you seek! As for the "office work" it is just one of the environments you may have to work in. Also, in terms of the Army an office is a widely abused term for any place you might work.

    Good luck!
  6. Technically he is doing research by posting this thread :wink:

    But anyway -

    The Corps and the wider Army have a range of roles that are not best suited to discussing on such an open forum.

    Even if you join the Corps and do not like the particular strand of work you end up in you still retain the right to find a new skillset within the Corps, transfer to another capbadge or seek out a more niche trade within the wider Army.

    However the Catch-22 is that you will never get any firm details about that sort of work until you actually join and read the set of orders.

    The Corps has mundane work and the Corps has exciting work. Sometimes, depending the situation you can end up in scenarios you would never have imagined and other times a role/job that you thought would be wall to wall excitement has actually turned into a clock watching experience.

    Unfortunately due to OPSEC and Operational comittments
    A) Noone will discuss it with you and
    B) The guys best advised to comment on those sorts of jobs are actually to busy off doing them to read arrse.

    But everything is what you make of it. Take the plunge, go for selection and try it out. At the very least it's only 4 years and it looks great at the top of a CV.

    Her Majesty's Intelligence Corps Operative :D
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'm awaiting my interview dates at the moment, so as you say, i will find out a bit more come interview time. I was wary about the answers i could be given before posting, and not meaning to cause offence to any forum members; would take most advice given on here with a large pinch of salt. What really interests me about the corps is the different specialist jobs that you can train in. I enjoy a challenge, which i'm sure these specialist roles will offer. I know that there probably will be some mind numbing tasks as well, but i'm sure the good more than outweighs the bad!

    Thanks again.