Questions they ask on the Weapons Handling Test

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by simsky, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. I will be doing my Weapons Handling Test on my TA weekend 5.

    Do you know what questions they will ask?

    This is what I know so far:

    - Name parts of the weapons.

    - How to look after the weapon in a dry and wet conditions.

    What other questions will they ask?
  2. size of flanelette for bore
  3. Failed it first time - too much theory and not enough hands on practice.

    Make sure you can do the function test and learn the weapons care stuff for all conditions.

    They'll bend over backwards to help you pass unless, like me, the Emperor Mong seduces you.
  4. The questions?
    What parts of the combi tool are used to clean the gas parts?
    Extra actions carried out when cleaning in adverse conditions.(any 2 chosen)
    Size flannelette for pulling through and for oiling the barrel.
  5. Aiming off for wind was in but was taken out in January (don't know why?).

  6. Idrach, I just enjoyed that linky, its tip top.
  7. # of grains in the charge and chemical composition of propellant. also the type and country of origin of the copper alloy in the jacket of the projectile. Were I you, I would also acquaint myself with the technique of peeling off said jacket andproper notching procedure for making a "dumdum' round when necessary to dispatch troublesome PW's.
    You're welcome.