Questions that should be added to the psychometric testing.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. We seem to be missing some of the absolute worst of the worst of society and letting them attempt the INT CORPS training. This should really stop immediately, but it won't of course and for the most part it can't be helped. Should someone be "clever" enough to be selected for our glorious Corps then perhaps they would be able to spot the repeater questions in the psychometric tests. For example:

    1. Are you fascinated by fire?

    2. Do you ever find yourself staring at fire?

    3. Do you like burning things?

    Surely a smart enough arsonist would be able to spot these and firstly know that what he does is bad and secondly know that if he wants a job then he wouldn't admit to being fascinated by fire!

    I was going to make this a poll but have thought better of it. Instead can we please have any and all suggestions for how to catch those malingerers and weirdos before it's too late and they're through the factory.

    Edited to add - Oh too late...
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Putting my mildly serious head on for a moment, it's always seemed to me that any moderately intelligent 'socialised' person should have very little difficulty in sailing through psychometric testing and security vetting. I remember taking part in 'vetting conferences' in Training Wing at Ashford, discussing mostly 18-21 year old recruits to the Corps about whom we knew virtually nothing, other than what we had seen of them in 8 weeks of basic training and a few weeks of mostly clerical training. In reality we knew very little about them: they certainly weren't going to 'let their hair down' in front of the Training Wing staff in any real sense. The odd weirdo popped up occasionally, but by and large, the recruits were bright enough not to answer the 'do you like torturing cats?' questions in the affirmative, nor to inject heroin into their eyeballs in front of the squad corporals.
  3. I do remember questions about wanting to kill all my friends, and seeing eyes staring from dark corners.....

    Surely some of the questions should be updated to things like......

    "Do you visit dwarf sites?" or "Is your sister fit? (for people from cornwall or Norfolk!)"
  4. I don't believe they do the psychometric testing anymore.
  5. Well even so let's not destroy a thread just as it was entering it's stride...

    Oh, too late...
  6. I remember answering yes to that one about being fascinated by fire!

    Well it's true!!

    8O 8O

    *shambles off in search of matches and petrol*
  7. On the fire note, I heard of a lad who wanted to join the Fire Service. He completed every test put to him and on the final interview(which is done in front of 3 senior Officers). He was asked "Why do you want to join the Fire Service"? His Answer, " I love fires"!

    He didn't get in...
  8. Get them up early, run them ragged then get a load of booze down their necks. Get someone non-threatening to talk to them and as you approach the bezzering stage of the evening ask them why they joined and let them talk. If the words "fsckin psycho" or similar enter your brain then it's time to make some enquiries sober.

    The difficult bit is not getting too bladdered yourself. Seriously though, do the regs not already do this as standard ?
  9. Informally, yes, but the actual process takes 20+ years before you can be really sure.
  10. do you understand the stand mystic dwarves take on..............?

    Do you understand the 'Wombles' to beLlitter vigilantes/Dangerous Greeny Subversives/ Homeless ex soldiers building shelter?
  11. Never did me any harm (wibble)

    I like tall women and do not, unless under severe alcoholic pressure, see people in corners, look away, and the face is gone.

    Do you remember the question that was something along the lines of

    "Do you like Alice in Wonderland"

    Basic Trg Cpl: "For those of you who don't know, Alice in Wonderland is a gay kids book for homs."
  12. don't remember that one. but i think the man who set the questions was obsessed with sex with animals. there were an awful lot of questions about that...
  13. Yes I remember the "Alice in Wonderland" questions. Any story about young girls getting off their t!ts on magic mushrooms gets my vote every time! :)