Questions that ARRSErs would like answered by Blair on Wed

Following on from Mr PVRD's thread on calls for Tony Blair to lead the debate on Iraq, this Wednesday, and the joke which was Des Brownes web "chat" last week.

I do not think that any amount of personal emails / letters / telephone calls to MP's will tip the balance, so, yet again, the British Public will get spin based debate, which does nothing to answer the key questions and points often raised on ARRSE and in the wider public domain.

In a week that has seen more media coverage and concern for Jade Goody and her cohorts, British personnel are still paying the ultimate price for their service to this country and being ignored for their efforts. So, maybe a lurking journalist, might like to publish any questions written here tomorrow, and compare these questions to those that Mr Blair, or his appointed mouthpiece answers.

So, if you were stood up in the chamber tomorrow, and Tony Blair was man enough to stand and answer questions relating to the war in Iraq.

What question would you ask him?
"Mr Blair, do you have no shame?"


War Hero
Why is defence funding a seemingly low priority? Does the gov't regard it as money wasted?
How do you think the widely reported 'surge' of US troops will impact on operations conducted by UK troops in the south?

Do you fear that insurgents will use the opportunity to increase their activity against UK forces deployed?

What avalability is there to reinforce our troops should that happen?
"Mr Prime Minister, Do reckon you could have that Ponce The Rt Hon Mr Cameron, Leader of the Jumped up Tory Party" :puker:


War Hero
Mr Blair, why do you hate the armed forces so much?
You give us no support with kit or ammo on operations or and there is no support at home from your government in any shape or form, you cut the fleet in half and yet you will send us at the drop of a hat to every conflict in the world. What have we done to you? Do you despise us really that much?
Does Cherie pay you to F$%K her? She does earn enough, maybe.
Why, when you have publicly stated that commanders on Operations can have the equipment they require, are we still struggeling to cope without basic necessaties?


War Hero
Dear Tony, can you fix it for me and my mates to have the kit you promised and failed to deliver?

Can you tell the British people why (after your promise that they could have whatever they needed to do the job) they are being refused the kit to do the job by the MOD?

Is it true that the reason why you hate the British Armed Forces is because you are an IRA/Republican/Catholic plant, sent to destroy all that is good in the UK?
This is a time where the UK's Armed Forces seem to be used as a tool to gain political influence on the world stage- perhaps reserving our seat at the 'top table' in discussing geopolitical issues. Heavily committed and under great pressure, the Prime Minister gives personal guarantees that the military's needs will be met. Conversely, we see a climate of continued cuts, amalgamation and reduction in force sizes and a constant erosion of soldiers', sailors' and airmens' benefits and conditions of service. How does the Prime Minister explain this apparent contradiction which has fundamentally undermined the basic covenant of trust between this country and those it sends to risk life and limb on its behalf?. Is it not clear evidence of a split at the highest level in government where for too long the Prime Minister and the Treasurer have been following competing agendas driven solely by personal ambition ?
Mr Bliar,

"Does your wife inflate when you stick a straw up her ar5e and blow?"

"Have you ever managed to get the ballbag in her mouth at the same time as your ,albeit tiny, c0ck?"


Why is defence spending at its lowest percentage of GDP since the 1930, yet you have committed the Armed Forces to five major conflicts in your time in office.
Mr Blair, would you send your child to war without... (insert item)?

Why was the intelligence on WMD's so inaccurate and how are we to stop being taken to war for bogus reasons in future?

What is the amount of money spent on UOR's on OP TELIC since Feb 2003 by the MOD?

Followed up with the supplementary: What is the value of equipments / resources that we have had to source from the US military in order to conduct the operation?

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