Questions regarding my commission attempt? please advise.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by geoffgb, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Hello all, I am new to this forum and would really appreciate your advice and opinions on my personal case/concerns for attempting to gain a place at Sandhurst.

    Firstly from a education persperspective I think I have enough 'weight' as such; including a BSc and I am just in my final stages of my MSc.

    CONCERN: Someone told me that having a MSc can act as a hinderance as the selection board will wonder why I didn't just apply for a commission after i finished my BSc.

    I am 27, married and have alot of life experience, including working with young offenders, teaching self defence to all demographics and working as a doorman for several years (not out of choice i can assure you! it just paid for my tuition fees)

    CONCERN: am i too old? (I am interested in the Royal Artillery) and would they frown at the fact that I have worked as a doorman due to the often negative perception a of 'bouncer' ?

    I am physically fit, but my main source of fitness has derived by myself training and competing in MMA (mixed martial arts) events, which is often termed as Cage Fighting/ Extreme Fighting etc. All the events i have competed in have been sanctioned and legal, with MMA being a legitimate sport.

    CONCERN: the perception of MMA by alot of people is not very good to say the least, and would the selection board really frown apon this activity and it have a decisive effect of my chances of passing selection?

    Thankyou for your time in answering these concerns
  2. A lot of bods beef up their CVs with bo11ox, perhaps you should water yours down...... doormen as Gunner officers, whatever next!

    Good Luck!
  3. Er, most of us were selective about the hobbies we revealed to RCB/AOSB!

    I would say that you would give some of the more closed minds a quandary. 'MMA' with an MSc? Martial arts won't worry them at all. MMA might. It's a bit non-u.

    So don't major on this or the bouncing if you are happy. Do you however look like a bouncer? If so I'd go and look at the dapper clothing thread (no offence but you are asking for advice).

    Your age shouldn't faze them at all - if the quality is good. There is something of a trap attached to life experience however. There will be some straight out of school/university types at the AOSB and you will be carefully watched to see how you get on with them. You'll find some of them intensely irritating but you'll be spending a year with loads of them at RMAS. Your life experience needs to be the sort of experience where you are visibly happy with this to the selection board. Otherwise it's the sort of experience that says that you will be difficult to shape into being an officer. Harsh but true.

    Good luck.
  4. KCR, dude.
  5. Kings Chesire Regiment...
  6. thank you, did wonder
  7. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Top info.

    Geoff - I passed earlier this year, older than you, even less obviously 'Army' background & previous work, so it is possible. For your concern about MMA, you might want to try & talk to Sandy_the_Guvnor on these forums (you may recognise him from competitions), who may be able to give you a perspective on how it is regarded.
  8. Why not phrase MMA as "Muay Thai and Jiujitsu experience"? I have both of those on my CV and they are always keen to bring them up, not in a nagative way so far. I did a bit of MMA but left it off my CV as I didnt do very much of it and like you I was worried how it would be viewed.

  9. should be useful if you're an adjutant one day.

    should be useful when you're orderly officer and closing down the NAAFI at night.

    Frankly you'll be fine for the gunners: see RA advert
  10. No hinderance at all.




    The Army is a meritocracy - an imperfect one, but one nonetheless. AOSB is well proven, and totally impartial.

    AOSB, and the wider Army, want robust, intelligent, practical candidates with the potential to lead soldiers well in demanding environments. None of the aspects you've mentioned detract from your ability to display those qualities.

    You are clearly fit and intelligent and know it. AOSB will assess the aspects you're not sure of - your mental apititude and probable level of committment. Stop worrying, jump on the train to Westbury in a half-decent suit and see how it goes!

    Also, take a look at the AOSB / Career stickies on the board, you will find some very useful advice and tips in them.

  11. Thanks for your advice everyone; even if I have some conflicting views.
    I think the general concensus is to 're-style' my martial art section.

    (interestingly though my friend who is a YO at Lympstone, says some of their PT invloves submission wrestling now (grappling with no strikes but submissions like chokes and joint manipulation are permitted), and i just wondered if this was true of Sandhurst as well?)

    I have two more questions if you people would be so kind and give your opinion?

    1) I handed in my initial detailed information form to my careers office over a week ago, in line to arrange my first interview, but have had no reply yet. What is the usual time gap for them to get back in touch with you?

    2) My Lympstone YO friend states i should try out for a RM commission (think I'm too old anyway) as the YO course is far superior to that of Sandhurst. I'm guessing he is obvisously bias, but it would be interesting to know the differences if any one could shed any light on this matter?
  12. I know a guy who works as a doorman - he's passed AOSB and is well on his way to joining the infantry, so they shouldn't hold it against you.
  13. He's bound to say that though isn't he, just as I was bound to say that my school was far superior to anyone we ever played at sport (even when it was patenly not true and we were handed out a good thrashing :D :D )............................

    I haven't been (hope to) so I can't comment on the accuracy of the statement, but it given the large Army / Bootneck rivalry then they are hardly going to say anything else except that they are much better :D.
  14. I believe that's just their Dinner Nights. PT at RMAS involves running, tabbing, assault courses - that sort of thing. We tend to leave the 'rolling about in the mud grappling with each other' phase for weekends.

    Has your friend done both courses? If not, he might not be best-placed to offer you advice about RMAS. I have lot of time for the Royals, but there are just as many advantages to the Army.