Questions regarding completing a technical degree whilst serving as a REME officer.

Hello all,

Firstly I'd just like to apologise if this is the incorrect forum to be posting on; I'm new to this website so I've not yet learned how to navigate it properly.
I'm 18 years old and interested in joining the REME, ideally as a commissioned officer. I do have sufficient ALIS and UCAS points however I do not possess a degree, and I'm wondering whether that will be a significant hindrance on my chances at selection.

On the Army website it stated that a degree was preferable but not necessary, and that merely having an interest in taking an accredited technical degree would suffice.

So, my questions are as follows:

1. Would my chances at selection drop significantly if I were to apply without a degree?
2. If I were to apply without a degree and happened to be successful, what would the process of taking a degree whilst in the REME entail?
- Would the corps pay for me to go to university after a successful commission from RMAS, or would I be expected to study in my free time as a distance learner?
- Would it be a standard four year degree or would it be fast tracked?
3. And finally, what would the eligibility criteria for taking such a degree be? Would it be the same as if I was applying for university, e.g. specific grades in specific A-level subjects? Or would the 180 UCAS points necessary for applying as an officer be enough, regardless of which subjects I gained the UCAS points in?

I apologise for asking so many questions, however my own research on this subject has been rather fruitless so I thought it best to ask here. Answers to any of my questions will be greatly appreciated.


Ok.. I'll bite!

To be honest, this is much too important a subject to be dealt with via an internet forum..

You need to get in touch with your nearest recruiting office and book an interview.. there are many paths to perdition and to a commission.. you need to speak to people who know the options and can give you current advice. There are several ways to skin this particular rabbit...!

REME is a technical corps and generally requires you gain an appropriate technical degree... you mention a four year degree, so I assume you are north of the border...? It is perfectly possible to gain an appropriate degree in three years.. (although of course it will not be as good as a Scottish degree!)
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In the REME, to be promoted from Captain to Major a STEM degree is a requirement. In my REME Bn, one of the requirements for yourself to be put forward by your CoC for commissioning depends on you currently possessing a STEM degree.

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