Questions regarding applications for Aussies

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Theo Net-Breaker, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. Hi All,
    I’ve got a few questions regarding officer recruitment which for the life of me I can’t find anywhere, despite extensive use of the search function, so apologies if these questions have already been asked. Anyways, I’ll try to keep them as short and sweet as possible, any help would be much appreciated.

    1. How can one go about getting a waiver for the 5 year residency requirement for applying as an officer? One way that I saw was to enlist, then immediately switch to a DE application. I’m a British citizen, but have been living in Australia for practically my whole life
    2. I will begin my degree when I’m 19 (next Feb.), and will either finish at 23 or 24, depending on whether I do a masters. IF I choose to do a masters, will I have enough time to be accepted into Sandhurst before I hit the 26 year limit (assuming I pass AOSB and the Main Board first time), bearing in mind my Residency situation?
    3. While at University in Australia, I plan to join the Army reserve. However, this requires that I apply for an Australian Citizenship in the meantime. Will this in any way impact upon my application in the future?

    I realise these questions are quite specific, and as such most people will probably have no idea what the situation is, but as I said before any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  2. not sure about your first question, as for the rest, dual British/Australian citizenship isn't an issue. The only issue would be if you still have military commitments in Australia to their Army Reserve. As for passing AOSB Briefing and AOSB in time, you're able to attend them whilst still studying at University.
  3. Thanks for that, applying during a break would definitely be an option, am I right in thinking that there's a 5 year period in which the main board pass is applicable? Only problem is that I'm still not sure whether I'd be eligible to go for the AOSB in the first place..... In any case, I'll try to get in contact with the actual recruitment people, although it appears that they often give vague answers when it comes to waivers etc.
  4. no idea, though I'm sure it will be listed in an old thread on here somewhere, my answers are only based on what I've been told during the recruitment process so far.