questions regarding AMC CMT and Signals roles

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Scoots, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,
    I've been reading posts here for a while and doing my own research into various units with a view to joining, am hoping people with the right knowledge will respond to my queries and put me in the right direction, any help on the below queries appreciated:

    1) I keep hearing different views on this but can you join as a Combat Medical Technician without previous professional civvie medical skills or not?

    2)if you can what training do you have to do to get to trained strength, after passing out as a trained soldier?

    1) I hear a lot of units are closing down, are there any that are not in the northwest that are still taking new recruits on?

    2) if answer above is yes, again how much training after passing out as a trained soldier, is needed to get to trained strength as a technician,( IT support type role)

    I'm hoping any responses will lead onto me coming down to units to have a ganders!

    Thanks for your help


  2. Signals will be taking on new soldiers in the NW.

    I've not heard what the new technician role will be or when (/if) it will be introduced - yes it should be an IT Support Role. If you do join signals maybe just stick to being an operator initially and then see what floats your boat. Obviously as the roles/trade isn't defined yet, nobody should be able to comment on the training regime but for any technical role it is likely to rely on you utlising your civilian skills. (Suppose in a way it's a bit like AMS - your not going to be a nurse or a doc if you aren't already one)

    I think your also correct about the AMS CMT

  3. I'm sure someone more qualified will pop along and answer the CMT question but to start off, I'm serving in an Infantry Battalion and we have some of our own lads trained as CMTs aswell as RAMC attached CMTs, none of them in my Coy atleast are civvi Medics of any sort.
  4. Hey Scoots, whereabouts in the Northwest were you thinking of ?
  5. Hi polar, anywhere in the northwest is fine by me, even the midlands would be a consideration
  6. If you're going to travel to Sheffield you might aswell join the Infantry as a CMT. 38 Sigs at Manor Top will violate your every orifice and throw you out onto the streets of Manor Top to be further violated by the Chav/Workshy hordes that inhabit the area.
  7. Nooo ! The chaps and erm, women at Manor Top are all.........

    yeah fair point
  8. You can join as a CMT without any medical background. If you do join as a CMT then join in a teeth arms unit. You will gain far more experience as a coy medic in an infantry unit than a medical unit. Also speak to your local NHS hospital and see if they have a clinical skills centre. I've been booked onto an immidiate life support course, a pre-hospital basic surgery course and FPOS (First Person On the Scene) Intermidiate Award. Thanks to the NHS it's all free as a non-clinical NHS employee.

    Focus on getting trained up as a soldier and then take it from there.
  9. Now, now........

    No comment as I'm intending to come back ......

    p.s. to Leeds if possible
  10. Hi Polar,

    Hmmm so there is currently no IT technicians role in TA Sigs? I'm presuming that must all be getting done by regs in theatre then for now?
  11. Scoots PM inbound
  12. msr

    msr LE

    What is your local unit?
  13. Hi msr,

    For the AMS side that would be stoke
    On the signals side that would be either Manchester or liverpool.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I mean as in the actual unit which is nearest you. What is wrong with them?