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Just signed on the dotted line and discovered this site in a quest for knowledge!!

I've only joined my regiment in the last couple of months and now it looks like I have to move to London. How easy is it to transfer to another unit?

Also I have few job commitments for the next few months and would be happy to volunteer to head out into the operational theatre. Any advice? I don't want to ask at my own TAC just yet as I'm new to whole system and on best behaviour. From what I can gather a few of our chaps have been over in Iraq.

Easy enough just speak to the coy/sqn clerk and psao but find the unit you want to join first. When I transferred I was told that until I was officially on the books I couldn't attend training. The process is easy enough but it just takes time!

As for op tours again speak to your PSI when you are ready they should know what opportunities are about my advice don't rush into it.
From what i understand a transfer should not be too difficult as long as you have a genuine reason as it sounds as if you do. Have a chat with your PSI or PSAO. They should be able to give you precise information. Have you got your number yet? If not then it may just be a thing of rocking up at the unit nearest to your new home and chatting to them but if you have a number then like i said, PSI or PSAO would be your best bet.

With regard to you doing a tour somewhere as you dont say how far into your training you are but do say youve only been in a couple of months im guessing that you havnt done your Recruits course. You need to to this course and finish basic before your unit would even consider puttting your name forward for anything but if you have done basic then i would be hesitant about going for a tour.

From a personal point of view id wait, get a trade first then get confident with that trade and only after you have been in for a few years would i then even look at the possiblity of doing a tour. A few guys from my unit have been out to the sandpit and both of them, thoug experienced soldiers, wished they had done a few more years in and then gone.

This is my personal view and others may differ but i hope this helps.
Thanks for the gen.

What are the thoughts on the HAC.....a friend was in their ranks and he loved it!! Hes quite a posh old boy though!!!!

As far as getting a trade goes at the moment I'm heading for Driver but one of the officers wants to put me forward for a commission....again any advice!? Sorry to go on but it seems I'll get the best advice here...I must add, I'm no spring chicken and on the upper age limit in a month (ie 33). They keep cancelling our TAFS weekends so starting to sweat a bit!!!

Going to North London. Stoke Newington. Apparently applying for a gun license is a good idea!!!!!
Going for officer at your stage of the game will put you in the DETAPO scheme - massive time comittment but will ram you through the system in a year flat - if you have time off to take then you could probably do it.

Be advised there are many misgivings about the DETAPO system amongst a lot of units (despite Abacus fighting the corner for all its worth!). You would be well advised to think long and hard before embarking on that course.

As for the age limit it can be 'flexed' if you know the right PSAO and keep him sweet

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Transferring fm one unit to another within corp is easy. One form. I believe cross corp isn't much more difficult either. The advice I give is, once you've chosen a new unit try and get a contact there before rocking up on a drill night - sometimes the recruiting staff don't know what to do with somebody with previous experience. However, you're still going through TAFS so should slot in nicely.

South East Royal Signals Training Team run TAFS weekends that don't get cancelled. Give 'Jimmy' a go!
SittingDuck said:
Be advised there are many misgivings about the DETAPO system amongst a lot of units (despite Abacus fighting the corner for all its worth!). You would be well advised to think long and hard before embarking on that course.
Bugger - was that a pre-emptive strike? :lol:

Actually, if his Bde keep cancelling TAFS w/es (what colour is the sky on their planet?) I would suggest don't go anywhere near their DETAPO. If he's going to Londonshire then the LDSTT/ULOTC DETAPO Combo is working to a very high standard and our own continues to develop and gets better and better all the time. DETAPO, as with any training programme, is only as good as it's administrative and instructional support. Curate's Egg springs to mind if we look at it on a National scale.
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