Questions on training etc

Hi all

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how frequently selection weekends happen throughout the year (looking to join RLC as a driver if that helps), or if the 2007 dates are known?

I am looking to join at 31 and hope that will be ok - it should be given the new guidelines on age etc. My other question is around the training I am assuming it is the same for the older guys as the younger and I can run 1.5m in about 8 mins so that should be ok - but has basic training changed much since 1992? I was in Pirbright then and the training was intense, runs up heartbreak hill with another recruit on my shoulders I seem to recall


Selection is run every week. The training you will do is the 14 week adult course, nothing like the Guards Depot course. Who were your instructors; I was at the depot in 92 and was one of the ones doing the chasing to get recruits to the top of that hill.

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