Questions on the Browning 9mm’s of the 14 Intelligence Company


I bow to your expertise, but qualify that with my own experience, which never had any problem with the trigger pull, over a couple of decades of use - I certainly never thought about it - and usually a decent hit on that Russian fellow's picture. As an enthusiast, I'd expect you to be far more concerned with the minutiae of weapon handling than me, and a far better shot. I mostly did as I was told by people who were much more betterer at it all than me.

Incidentally, during my service, I never aimed at a human with the intention of killing the brute, but on my first night of subsequent civilian employment, I used an old Webley (I think it was) to fire more rounds with that intent than would have normally been expended on a training day at the Hollow. The first pull on that thing would have challenged Sylvester Stallone at his sweatiest, but the bad guys had pangas and bows'n arrows, so there was plenty of motivation for a firm grip.
The hollow a place of great fun and danger


Without practice most people are shit at most things.

I remember being told, when being shown a Browning for the first time, that it was a cowboy gun by the Reg Infantry SAA instructors (RGJ, Fusilier and Guards) and only good for throwing at the enemy. I joined very early naughties where "professional" soldiers still took pride in their incompetence at using an issued firearm. Wretched. Probably the result of generations of Skillies not practicing = shit gun as opposed to shit instructor. Same rubbish got trotted out with the Sig, probably because that's what was said of the Browning.

When I saw the PARAs being themselves and lacking any situational or self-awareness and extra spesh engaging a pic of Corbyn on a target with airsoft I realised that the Army had finally turned a corner and found a way to improve pistol handling in a cheap, safe(ish) way, airsoft, not shooting commies. Maybe pistol handling and marksmanship will improve.
Was that airsoft? I remember that mentioned on SOFREP!

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