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Questions on tattoo's and broken bones.


This is my first post on here so sorry if these issues have already been addressed. I just have a few questions:

1) I know you cannot have offensive or racist tattoo's, however I am unsure on this one. I have an Album cover as a tattoo on my right arm and I am unsure wether it is allowed. Here is a link to the attoo:

Generation Terrorist Tattoo (Pic was taken ages ago, hence the flabby arm lol)

So my question is whether or not this is ok?

2) I have been told that, because I badly broke my wirst 3 years ago, I may have to do extra tests on it to prove it is 100% healed (It is). Any idea what this may be?

Thanks all :thumright:
Mate i cant really see a problem with the tattoo if it is a album cover just state this!.Have you been down ur ACIO because there your best bet they have seen every thing .But in my eyes its not offensive or racist.

If not couldnt you get the writing filled in blacked over if you really want a carear in the forces but ask first.

I can only pursume that with the wrist it will be more test like strenth and twisting ect see how much the weakened bone can take.
Thanks for replying mate

On the tatoo, I did state on the form that it is an album cover. I personally dont see whats wrong with it but was just worried as my school was funny about it and I didnt want the army to be. Glad to hear that it should be fine though. If not I'd not think twice about getting it covered though as a career in the forces means more to me than some £70 ink.The extra physical on the wrist doesnt concern me as I know it's 100% healed now (actually stronger than my right lol) but it's good to have an idea of what to expect.

Thanks again :thumright:
Mate dont take that as gospel though there are recruiters on here with better idea than me and will be more than happy to help you.

With the wrist after two years your normally ok anyway i broke my thumb in 4 places and fractured my wrist in 6 and i still past a medical and the fitness tests so cant really see there being a problem if like you say its not causeing you pain or concern and you can go about ur day as normall.

Do you have any little weights like 2.5kg you can get hold off gym ect if so just hold in palm of your hand roll your wrist up and down side to side few times dont over do it or over work it should build up muscle and tendons in the wrist area. Anglian.
That exercise you suggested sounds good, I'll start doing that from now on with the rest of my workouts

When I filled in the tattoo form they didnt seem to mind, but that said I dont think they really read it
Wouldn't worry about that a guy a went to school way joined a few year after me around 1986 way an indian ink IRA tattoo. Although it wasn't long before it was covered up.
Wouldn't worry about that a guy a went to school way joined a few year after me around 1986 way an indian ink IRA tattoo. Although it wasn't long before it was covered up.
He had his boyfriends' name tatooed on him?! And he dates guys named "Ira"? A wonder they let him in. Good thing he wasn't Irish.

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