Questions on joining Australian Defence Force

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by KennySte, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Need a couple of answers if poss as all other sources have been a complete waste of time.If anyone can help it would be great.

    1. I served with British Army and was discharged under "Services no longer required". I was young dumb and full of the good stuff which is no excuse but would now like to join the OZ army as I'm now living in Oz with my missus.

    discharged under QR 9.414 tried serching for it but cannot find anywhere on the net etc. does anyone have a description anywhere?

    I really did not want to be discharged, and was planning to do min of 12yrs, I'm in for some stick of you guys but don't mind as long as I get some help.

    Heres hoping..
  2. There is some really good advice on our Ozzy sister site. Just click on the link and take a look.

  3. Well most Aussi's are from 'Convict Stock' sent out in prison ships during the 1800's.... sorry only joking..... good luck!
    And remember if you get in their Army you will get a National Defence Medal (see my other posting about NDM's!!).
  4. Are you on about drugs?

    Best advise is to go to the ADF website, or if you are in aus visit a careers office.

    They can give you the gen.

    There is a area on the website dedicated to those wishing to transfer in to teh ADF.

    If you are on about being tossed out for being drugged up though... I am not sure on your chances. How long you thought you might stay in is pretty irrelevant too.

    Rehabilitation of offenders is one thing, but alas this may be a nail in the coffin.

    Plenty of other stuff to do down in Aus though.
  5. Sorry, SNaLeRs are a automatic FAIL
  6. Hi,

    I wasn't discharged for drugs, I was on a 3 month warning order then did something stupid and it was enough to get me the boot, although if truth be known i should have never got the boot and someone else should have but you look after your friends. Have checked with ADF and they can't give any info until my papers come through. Anymore info would be good.

    Browney31310 where is your info from and is it reliable? any other ideas?
  7. 9.414. Services No Longer Required.

    (Note: This paragraph is to be used as authority for the discharge of a soldier who cannot or should not be transferred to the Reserve, or discharged, under any other paragraph.)

    Although discharge under this paragraph does not carry any stigma a commanding officer is to remember that its application may cause a soldier to be discharged without being given the opportunity to defend himself against any implied reflection on his character, conduct, or standing in the Service. Potential civilian employers tend to regard soldiers discharged under this paragraph with some reservation. For that reason:

    Where no fault is attributable to the soldier the cause for discharge is to be recorded as `Released from Army service'. In other appropriate circumstances the phrase `Services no longer required' may be amplified, where this will benefit the soldier concerned, provided the words used in amplification are not the same words used to describe any other cause of discharge.

    The application for discharge on AFB 130A should include an explicit recommendation as to which of these causes of discharge is to be recorded on the soldier's documents. Final decision as to the cause of discharge, however, will be taken by the Ministry of Defence (DM(A)) having regard to consideration of equity and uniformity of practice throughout the Army as a whole.

    If the soldier has not previously been subject to any formal warning or a formal warning in respect of a similar matter to that for which the application for discharge is being sought, he should be allowed to make representation against the application if he so desires. Should a soldier choose not to represent against the application, he is to signify this at Part 3 of the AFB 130A.

    The application for any discharge under this paragraph is to be made on AFB 130A. The case is to be submitted with valid and explicit reasons for discharge to the Ministry of Defence (DM(A)). The case is to be forwarded through the immediate superior headquarters with copies going to the next higher headquarters when this has been so directed. Where a case to an immediate headquarters is not supported it should be sent to the next higher headquarters for further comment before being forwarded to the Ministry of Defence (DM(A)). In all cases where any representation has been made by the soldier under the terms of para 9.414c(3), it is either to be included at Part 3 of the AFB 130A or to be attached to it.

    As soon as possible after discharge has been authorised the soldier's service must be terminated. He is not normally to be retained in the Army in order that he may repay public or private debts.
  8. Hi guys,

    thanks for the information still don't understand the if I will be accepted or not, Browney31310 have tried that source already but they said they couldn't help.I'm hoping that I will be ok but at the moment it seems that it may be down to indivdual circumstances. Does anyone have any other ideas?