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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Grey-Fox, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Hey all, basically I want to join the forces and am very interested in the RE/REME, It say you can specialise and do various courses and by the looks of it you can do most of them through your career, would really like to become a Diver and also do the Parachute course to get my wings, but does doing the commando (marines) course let you do more solider type hands on work?

    Basically I would like to do infantry type stuff but would liek to get a skill at the same time. I had previously wanted to join the parachute regiment, but am seriously thinking bout the REME. due to picking up various skills and also wanting to become a diver is possible.

    My questions are: By doing the Parachute/Commando course, will you be doing more stuff with the infantry or just the same stuff as them, or will you be stuck back somewhere fixing things? I am aware that if you do the parachute course you go to 16th Air Assault and if you do the Commando course you go to 59 Squadron (I think). But will you get to go into battle with the marines as a marine and vice versa for the para's?

    Also if that is the case and you do more active infantry work can you do weapons specialisation and gain new skills such as Sniper and be a more usefull man to your unit?

    Also from experience how hard is it to ge ta chance to do these specilisations and how often do they run and how long does it take to apply and get to do it.

    I know htere are a lot of questions but I would love to hear some feedback and answers, Cheers in advance!
  2. fuckin hell slow down there. firstly you can apply for any of the course from your combat eng. and the PSO will get it sorted. most of those courses are run every few months.

    if you are a combat engineer you will have a chance of going out with the infantry, as all patrols now take an engineer if possible. also apparently 9 para engineers divided up and worked as infantry at times and i assume 59 have done the same.

    if u wanna be a diver you need to be medically perfect.

    as a REME do not expect the same combat opertunities as RE. combat engineer is part of your job but reme stay in workshops so do not see the sharp end as routine
  3. perhaps you should be aiming to pass basic first then aspire to other things.
  4. Wonders how a weapons specialisation would make you more useful in a REME workshop or RE Troop, both have there own specialisations with a variety of kit ?
  5. Learn to walk before trying to run, that can all come with time!!
  6. Christheclimber Ithink you mean

    medically perfect ..... mentally twisted :wink:
  7. When you say medically perfect i assume u mean no injuries previously and no history of asthma? I used to have asthma when i was like 11 but was a long time ago and am over 4 years clear of it etc, would that stop me going into it or make it a lot harder? I couldnt find much about swimming fitness going into it, i found some info on the running and body weight stuff etc no but swimming skills...
  8. i know someone who tried to join and wasn't accepted as he had asthma when he was 5, but I've heard it depends on *severness*
  9. Greyfox
    very stringent on medicals for divers , but wouldnt let it bother you yet .
    you have to get in before you need to worry about spec quals !
  10. Well mine wasnt severe it was mild but i spose a history of it is enough to raise an eybrown or two upon application, suppose ill have to try and prove my worth when the time comes etc. Cheers guys!
  11. Have you even passed selection yet!? Good on ya for having aspirations and goals, but i think you should probably try and pass selection and finish basic first.

    Good Luck.
  12. Well I would but im trying to figure out which force would be the best choice for me hence the questioning, just trying to get and idea what i can acheive out of each that will be the best for me...
  13. Only you know what is best for you, we can't answer that for you. What do YOU want out of the Army, that's what you gotta ask yourself before you ask us what the Army can give you.
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator