Questions on amalgation(sp?)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bradshaw, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Im starting the CIC at catterick soon and hoping (in theory) to join the WFR's.
    My recruitment officer says they are bieng amalgated and will soon be called the "2nd mercian regiment"
    In roughly 6 weeks i think i start the CIC, just wondering if anyone knew if i would still be joining the WFR or if by then i would be joining the "2nd mercian regiment"
    And does that mean the cap badge will be changing aswell? Or anything else?
    Or is it just the name?
  2. Not sur when the amalingation date is but the uniform and capbadge (the double headed eagle I believe) will all change to a common Merican Regiment form.
  3. 2007? :( gah ill probobly be finishing training near then
    So what will the new capbadge be? Anyone no?
  4. Nice Cap badge,looks like something you'd find living near Chernobyl !