Questions from a new guy (RA & AAC)

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Hey guys,

I am sure some of these questions may seem mundane and repetitive to all you senior guys out there but I would appreciate any answers possible!

I did decent on my BARB yesterday and "unlocked" all the jobs I am aiming for. Here in lies my questions. The two jobs I want are RA UAV operator and AAC Groundcrew. RA is my first choice but I could use some light being shed on that situation. Do I sign my contract with my Job title being an RA Gunner and then get sub-selected in basic for the UAV course? or can I be guaranteed it? Also I am assuming I wont need to take and technical tests for the RA? I would also love to hear anything from anyone about the AAC Groundcrew, I keep hearing mixed things and am wondering if I'd be a good fit.
Any info on either Job would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for helping, I know I'm rambling a tad.
Sorry Vincent, but am I the only one thinking what happened to the Queen's shilling? Wen I joined I didn't sign a contract specifying exactly what job I would do, I took the money and made my choices, some good some bad.

Really I didn't know that was what happened these days, good for you Vincent hope it works out.

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