Questions for people who process your visa applications

I am off to meet the Manager of the Immigration Office who process the ADF LA visa applications – what would you like me to ask her?

Is the ADF that short of troops :? (serious question, not sarcastic in anyway)
Yes, like most countries, Defence in general has trouble recruiting (and retaining).

Quite what the question has to do with visiting the Immigration Department I don't know.
I looked in to the transfer but as I hadn't got my 3rd yet they didn't want to know. Now living in Canberra with my Australian wife I have heard that there isn't that much of a recruitment problem with the ADF. Anyway I am going to try and join up once again in April. Apparently I become an Australian Citizen within 30 days of joining up which is a winner for work esp in Canberra where all the jobs require it.

could I have some questions please for my meeting with Immigration? What was good, what was bad, what would you have like to know before hand, etc.etc.


PS Nik is is 90 days and recruitment of those with Permanent residence visas is subject to some (new) strict limitations, please PM me.

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