Questions for interview at selection (UAV operator)

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by VarSity, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi there,

    Got my selection tomorrow so am just re reading some info on my job choices, but there are some things I am struggling to get info on that I think would be quite nice to know when I have my interview.

    I am looking at two jobs with the RA, Radar Ranging and UAV Operator.

    Can anyone answer these questions (and pop in any other useful info you like, every little helps)

    1) Any idea what the unit costs for the Pheonix UAV is? And are these actually still being used because some info says they are, but I have read the Hermes UAV is being used? :?

    2) What sort of size teams do the UAV operators work in?

    3) Has 32 Regiment been anywhere other than Iraq and Afghanistan recently?
  2. Hi Varsity

    First off congrats on deciding on the Royal Regiment, hopefully you will make the grade

    Secondly I think you mean Radar Operator and Sound Ranging, there no such thing as Radar Ranging, at least not in the Army. If you decide on either of these routes it won't make much of a difference as the radar boys and bangers all live in the same Batteries now, either choice is a good one, I started off in a Radar troop before moving to Sound Ranging. Radar is fun but I preferred Sound Ranging as I felt it kept you busier.

    Thirdly your questions, for my sins I was a Phx bod as well, I was in 32 when it came into service, but had involvement right through troop trials, however I have been out the regs for quite a while.

    Q1: Phoenix is dead and will not rise from the ashes, Hermes(and later Watchkeeper) is the new bird in town, oh and its called TUAV

    Q2: Sorry not sure, Phx was very manpower hungry with the launcher, recovery, supply and command elements filled up a whole troop, I can't see TUAV being any different, however each section is anyway from 2-8 people in strength, there's a good chance they will be the only people you will see. MUAV (or Desert Hawk) is much smaller in needs, I think it runs with a 4-6 man crew doing all the above

    Q3: 32 is very ops busy, as is all STA assets, however I am sure they have made it to other locations, last time I looked at my old Bty internal website they had guys skiing so they must do other bits.
  3. I’ve been told these two basically work together, and both seem interesting so I am not much bothered which one I get. More than likely depends on which one has the space available :D

    Is that like ‘Teh UAV’ because of a Yorkshire accent or something? :lol:
    Honestly thought what’s the T for? Be nice to know.

    That's all fair enough, its more or less a given you’ll be spending most your time in Afghanistan, so was prepared for that.
    Thanks for your help.
  4. Tactical UAV (I think)? Because it's not a Regimental asset (feed goes to Div level and is then fed down).

    MUAV is Mini UAV, used at much lower level and currently operated by out-of-role air defence gunners who will go back to air defence later. A fine job they are doing and will be useful (and required) for some time yet.

    I think all phoenix airframes are finished now - a couple of years ago, a friend in the Regiment said they only had a few left and they lose them through wear and tear, accidents etc relatively frequently. There was talk that the new birds wouldn't get in service in time, hence MUAV drafted in and interim solutions to Watchkeeper (using other types of kit).

    Team size is probably around 8, but I am not certain. you will undoubtedly enjoy either job, both are fairly technical and specialised and ensure you will get away alot.

    By where have 32 been recently, except Iraq and Afghan, what do you mean? Where operationally? Or where generally (adventure training etc)?
  5. Both operationally or generally, away is away to me lol
  6. Yes T is Tactical and its TUAV(Hermes) that is the replacement for Phx not MUAV, thats a different ops tasking.

    Yes AD gunners are being roped in to UAV for the time being, however I believe they are also using TUAV and 32 use MUAV (or have done)

    Radar and SRg are different troops in the same Bty but normally work independantly of each other
  7. Woot! Got offered UAV Operator at selection as well as Int Corps.

    Just got my selection for Int Corps to get out the way then I can make a decision. Thanks for your help on all the above people, it really did help in the interview especially when they said I would be a Phoenix operator and I knew they had been replaced.

    Once again, thanks all :D
  8. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    GO INT CORP!!!!!!!
  9. Provided they lower their standards and let a nobbler like me in I shall. If not playing with toy planes seems like a load of fun!