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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grownup_Rafbrat, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Now that our Prime Minister is asking the public to ask him questions via YouTube, how about arrsers putting together a list for him? Here are a few I've thought of, to start the ball rolling.

    Why can you afford to support Northern Rock, but not to equip our troops properly, from Body Armour to Helicopters?

    Why are married quarters and single accommodation so awful? What plans are in place to enforce proper standards, by taking them back into public ownership if necessary?

    When are injured troops going to get the full support they need, particularly for mental health problems?

    When are you going to enforce the priority which service personnel should receive within the NHS?

    When are you going to apply the financial accounting rules which show the true cost of PFI schemes to the taxpayer?

    When are you going to introduce a fair tax scheme, where those earning six or more figures actually have to pay the same proportion of their income in tax as than those earning less than £10,000?

    When are you going to stop MPs having other interests and other incomes? Their salary is far more than most of their constituents, and they should be free from the influence which another salary might exert.

    When are you going to redress the balance between unemployment as a career choice, and a helping hand for those genuinely in need?

    I'm sure arrsers can add to this list!
  2. Mr Brown, when are you going to fcuk off?
  3. Dear Prime Minister,

    I understand you, in person, yourself, yes you matey and no other, signed off on the "strategic" use of class war by Labour activists in the run up to the Crewe and Natwich by election, hence the "Tory Toff" nonsense. So:

    1. Did you know that the full name of the chosen Labour candidate, professing to be a working class champion ("One of us") is Moyra Tamsin Dunwoody-Kneafsy?

    2. Have you read her entry in Burke's Peerage and Gentry??

    3. Did you order the shredding of thousands of the leaflets shown below? Or was it Moyra Tamsin Dunwoody-Kneafsy who bottled it?

    4. Is it true that this entire fiasco of going for the Labour core vote on grounds of class war was actually aimed at not being beaten into THIRD place?

    I think we should be told.

    5. Is that a
  4. Beat me to it! Can I add..... go home you Scots git, you're giving the Scots a bad name!

    ps: I bet his name never appears on those tourist tea cloths that tell the world about the great Scots of the past; ie: Dunlop, Mackintosh etc.
  5. Dear Mr Broon

    As a police constable on starting service earns £21k and a trainee fire fighter earns £20.5k. How about bringing the armed forces inline???!
  6. Don't be silly Bob. Firemen fight fires. Policemen sort out fights. Soldiers merely firefight. And anyway you are in a minority you don't count.

    The police on the other hand have a force in excess of 120,000.....dunno how many firemen there are........but got to say....they have unions to back them up........where's your back up??? The Mod? The Generals?
  7. Aye shagnasty, I know but it was worth a try. Now if we were in South Africa we'd have a union and be able to sue the MOD LOL
  8. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    1/ How can you justify the massive growth of the public sector bot in terms of numbers and costs? It has been suggested that the increase in the wage bill is greater than the numerous and mamouth increases in the taxes paid since Liarbour came to power in 1997. Any Finance Director in the private secotr would have been grilled by his shareholders and sacked for such incompetance so just how can you be staying in the job?

    2/ How can such an uncharismatic and downright boring git hope to win the next general election?

    3/ How did you fail to spot the poison chalice that Bliar left for you? Then again don't answer that. We have seen just how short sighted you realy are.
  9. This really smacks of a desperate party in its final death throws resorting to whatever they can to try and save what little cred they never had.

    Do we really think Broon or any of his cronies will bother to act or even repsond in a realistic sense to any question asked?

    Whats the betting that various liarbor stooges will post an easy question such as 'PM, how have you managed to reduce crime in the UK so well?'.

    One of the more intersting ones I've seen so far is a fat bloke on a bog taking a shite whilst asking the question 'why do politicians lie?'. Surreal.
  10. How about " Oi Brown! Why are you such a chopper?"
  11. Is it true you shagged the butler?
  12. Whats the betting that various liarbor stooges will post an easy question such as 'PM, how have you managed to reduce crime in the UK so well?'.

    Well funny you should ask that Flashy ...cos it's just the question I was about to pose.

    Errrrmmm, ...clears throat...."PM can you tell us how you have managed to reduce crime in the UK? " (Edited for journalistic reasons and because I am just about to throw up)
  13. Only one question.

    With reference to the Treason Act (1795?) and the Lisbon Treaty that you signed without the consent of the British electorate
    When will you turn yourself in to be tried for Treason?
  14. Mr Brown,

    You have imposed all these new Stealth Taxes (150) during Labours reign in office, and no doubt many hundreds of billons of pounds in the process.

    So why is it that our once great country is now in such a sh-t state?
  15. Hello mr brown,is it true that you are a snot gobbling bum boy living in a sham marriage to cover your barrymore pretentions?