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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Fordy01, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi all new to this site, wandering if you can help.

    I am interested in joining the TA as a chef. I have a few questions:-

    1. Can you join as a chef with little / no experience?

    2. Can you join an Infantry Unit as a chef, what other units would be possible to join?

    3. What training would I receive?

  2. In my experience, the less catering training or indeed skill you have, the better!
  3. This is a really good link for all you need to know about being a TA Chef:

    Helps if you're carrying a few extra pounds too...
  4. I fully understand why yuo would've responded with the above post, and I'd even agree with your reasons.

    But why on earth a gliding link? :plotting:
  5. Wah! The TV advert, where despite having a chef on board the glider manages to slip the surly bonds et cetera...
  6. Personally and from a superior intellect........
    you've all been wahhh'ed

    20 yrs experience of military food has demonstrated that part time skills and no previouse experience are an absolute when it come comes to cooking food for the army.
  7. 1. I'd doubt it, though you could become one. Chef is a trade, attained by attending courses, though civvy qualifications may provide some exemptions.
    2. RLC is the chef's domain. Chefs are then attached to other units.
    3. Don't know, I'm not a chef.

    Contact your local Army Careers Information Office or look on these webpages for more information.
  8. This is THE hardest cse in the British Army!
  9. But at least you get an increased baggage allowance on Crab Air.
  10. I think the question was "I can't boil an egg and burn salad, will the army teach me to cook"

    The anwser I believe is yes they will, my unit has 2 chefs, neither of which were CHefs before, nor did they join up to be chefs, they got to a certain age in the unit and had the choice, rebadge or leave, both rebadged became sloppys and claim its the best thing they ever did

    Same green kit, same mates, same laughs, no rain or living in holes
  11. Dear Fordy01,

    There is no requirement for previous experience.

    You can join an Infantry Unit as a chef. You are cap badged RLC NOT whatever unit you join, but you are a part of that unit and are held on their strength.

    You take courses, Food handler up through cooking food and onto managing kitchens and functions. Obviously there is far more to it than that.

    As for experience, you will cook using a field kitchen through to formal dinners. I cannot confirm whether the military courses count as far as civilian qualifications are concerned, but you may get some exemptions on courses. At the least you will have gained a good understanding of Health & Safety in a cooking environment and have relevant things to put on your CV.

    Please PM if you have any further queries.

    Yours ever,

  12. Do they also get wider seats?
  13. I have met a few chefs while I have been in the TA some good, some very good and others that weren't bad.

    However everyone of them were TV chef grade, compared to the civi contract caterers employed by Sod*x0 etc. Some of the stuff these people turn out is nothing less than disgusting. It does not matter how many complaints are put in they still get away with it!

    Rant over!.
  14. TA Chef is a spec trade usually dont have to do as many days camp for their bonus but do have more chance of going on scheme or tour due to a shortage of chefs.
    They do their training at RLC depot in Grantham
  15. to right no one has ever passed the f@cker