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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mr.Brown, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. OK, some of you have probably noticed me asking lots of questions on some of the forums for about 6 months now. Or more likely I've blended in with the masses of other hopefuls/time-wasters wanting advice.

    Anyway I'm serious about this, I did come a long way for the chance to get into the British Army. So I've decided to go for Infantry for a lot of reasons. Now I have to decide which regiment I want to join, as the recruiters want a firm decision for the Interview I have next month. I'm somewhat stuck here, being Australian (boo, hiss, etc) I have no local regiment.
    Anyway Foot Guards sounds a bit tedious because of the public duties part (cool uniforms though), and as I've said before the Scottish Regiment(s) probably isn't the best choice because I can't understand a thing most Scottish people are saying. No offence or anything.

    Now, I've been thinking about the Royal Irish Regiment, although I don't really know what they do. I understand they're air mobile but their role rotates or something to that effect? Any info from someone who knows would be greatly appreciated.

    My recruiting office is plastered with Rifles recruiting posters so I guess that would be a logical choice but I'd like to know all my options instead of diving in head-first.

    I'd also thought that I may have been barred from the Parachute Regiment because of a small inner ear problem but it turns out this may not be the case (I probably should have researched things a little better). However I am a bit worried that, assuming I did actually make it that far, I'd go through all this trouble only to wreck my leg attempting P Coy and have to go home before I'd even finished training (I understand that happens a bit). In addition my fitness isn't exactly fantastic, and while I have absolutely no doubt I can get myself up to scratch for ADSC if I push myself enough, it sounds like P Coy demands even more from you and I don't know if I'd be up to standard.

    So I guess that brings me to my next question: If I don't make the right call, how hard is it to transfer between Regiments? And how long would I be expected to stay put before I could ask for a transfer?
    In short I have no doubt that I want to be in the Army but where exactly I want to be in the Army is less certain.
    Thanks in advance for any information. And could the trolls amongst us please resist the temptation to turn this into an inter-regiment slagfest. Please.
  2. The Rifles (and the Light Div before them) have a significant number of what used to be termed colonials. Aussies, Saffas, Canadians and tonnes of Zimbos, even one from Tristan da Cunha.

    They tend to have a slightly more relaxed attitude to soldiering and foster more initiative from the junior soldier. Given that you have come all the way from Oz you must have a bit of this, so that might be your cup of tea.

    The paras really benefit from P Coy and being able to select their recruits. The phys is tough, but regardless of who you join, do yourself a favour and get yourself fit before you go.
  3. I wouldn't bother with the Infantry full stop let alone Para if that's your attitude and the standard you're aiming for. All infantry Regt's require a high level of fitness regardless of role. ADSC is just a starter for 10 to get you in the Army if you need to push yourself to get to that level then the infantry is definately not for you, but then arguably neither is the rest of the Army.
  4. That's definitely the plan, I assume (perhaps hope) that the fitter I am the easier the CIC will be. Although I'm told basically nothing is good enough to stop the PTIs beasting you.
  5. Not if you work in the MT, or the Mess ;)
  6. Apologies, I think I didn't explain myself correctly. It sounds like the Paras expect you to be at a much higher level than the average recruit when you join up. I've only got at most three months to get up to scratch, which is plenty of time (I've achieved a lot in that amount of time before) but I'm not sure if it'd be enough to meet their requirements. I will definitely try to get as strong as I can though, and if it does turn out that I have indeed gotten far enough to reach their standards, then I'd give it a great deal of consideration because they seem to get a lot of time on tour. As it's been said, they get to be picky with their recruits and I don't want to waste anyone's time. It's not that I fear a challenge, I'm just trying to be realistic.
    For example I know their BFT time is required to be a lot lower than the other regiments, or is that more bone information from the net?
  7. TBH you will probably find that if your infantry you will be steered towards the Footprint Battalion at the time.... ie the one most undermanned and in need of bolstering. On the otherhand if you have any ties from the area your living at the moment go in that local Battalion as it makes life easier when travelling home.
  8. Well I really don't have any ties to anywhere in the UK, my family are 4th generation Australians of Irish, French (boo, hiss, etc.) and German (again, boo, hiss, etc.) decent. Hence my dilemma. The Rifles is appealing because of the breadth of roles offered, although all the talk of 1 Rifles being used by the RM for stagging and guarding POWs worries me a bit.
    R IRISH sounds like fun, but as I said I'm not sure if I really understand what they get up to.
  9. From a non - infanteer perspective; I've worked with a number of different Inf capbadges, and they have varied in their quality. Each capbadge has a certain reputation and stereotype, some of which are true and some of which are bollox.

    The most influential factor seems to be the quality of the CO, so not something that you can really control.

    For what it's worth, I've worked with the Paras (good), the Rifles (very good), the D&D (as was) (good), the QLR (no comment), the PWRR (very good), RM (better than the Paras, but still just good) the Kings (Ok - but sticky fingered), Royal Irish Home Service (average) and the RAF Regt (complete bonk). I could go on - the point is that while there is a little truth to the broad stereotypes, the atmospherics of a Regt will change according to the job they're doing at the time and the personalities in charge.

    It sounds like you may be giving a little too much credence to scuttlebutt and rumour. Do your homework. Some of the Corps offer considerably more flexibility than the Inf. If you have any intelligence about you, the recruiters may try and push you towards things like Int Corps, Sigs, RE, AAC. Alternately, (brace yourself), ever thought of Offr selection? Unless things have changed, you don't have to choose your capbadge until you've done 9 -10 months of training, by which time you know exactly what sort of thing you want to do.

    Anyway, having successfully antagonised all those Inf types with affiliation to the above capbadges, I'll reach for my coat...

    Taxi for Rats!
  10. The R IRISH are based in Shropshire and are an Air Assault Battalion within 16 AA Bde.

    Check your PMs

  11. as a Royal Irish Regiment Recruiter i can give everthing that you require to know about my Battalion. we are 1 of 4 Infantry Battalions that make up 16 Air Assault Brigade. The brigade has a very active lifestyle and work ethic and as a result find themselves on operational tours around the world. notably of the 2 brigades that deployed during the war fighting phase of Operation Telic 16 Air Assault brigade was one an 1 Royal Irish was the lead Air Assault Battle Group.

    The make up of the battalion is around 90% irish from both North and South of Ireland,the other 10% come from a number of commonwealth countries such as Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and St Helena(island in the South Atlantic between Ascension Island and the Falklands). all applicants to join our Battalion are most.

    if parachuting is your game then again 1 Royal Irish can accomodate. we have a mandate to have a Rifle Companies worth of para trained soldiers. all para trained soldiers are volunteers after having completed the All Arms Para Company Selection Course.

    I HOPE THAT THIS HELPS YOU A LITTLE . FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT OUR WEB SITE :Royal Irish Regiment: of call our overseas applicant officer on Mobile 07753780645 or me in the recruiting office between 9and 5 on 02892260050

    hope to here from you soon
  12. With ancestry like that you will definately need to join a "Royal" Regt.
  13. Thanks very much guys I appreciate all the advice. I had looked at the R IRISH website but I was more concerned as to whether or not they really do the airmobile stuff or if they tend to get used for the crummy jobs that the Paras don't want. Sounds like thats not the case, which is a real plus.

    RatsCoffeeDrinker, I'm not sure if Officer training is my cup of tea, so no I don't think I'll be going for that. All the Corps are now full according to the recruiters (I'd also had Arty and RAC down on my preferences) and I'd have to wait about 9-10 months to be able to get started if I were to choose one of them. More to the point Infantry appeals to me from the point of view that they get to do a lot of deployments and see a lot of action. I'm sure that makes a lot of eyes roll, but thats what I want.

    gunnerdrummer, thanks sir I'll give the number a call on my next weekday off. I'm definitely leaning towards R IRISH now.

    Anyway thanks again lads and I'll keep everyone posted as to how things go, I might go see the recruiters and ask if I can move my interview back a bit so that I can have a bit more time to make an informed decision. Plus it's been a but of a prick trying to get anything done when I live in a hostel, as of Monday that will no longer be a problem as I got myself a room in a share-house. Cheers.