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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MJ-RDG, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. I noticed alot of people are nervous about going into phase 1 down at winchester i go back into training on the 3rd of march after DAOR which is basicly just a form of discharge which all of you will be able to take up if you dislike the training.

    Basicly in here i will try answer any question you may have about phase 1 training down at winchester from the experience i had, dont worry if it's a stupid question dont let the old lads here put you off! believe it or not they where all recruits at one point, except sandy the guv he was raised by the MOD to be a killing machine with wings :D :D
  2. Why did you DAOR?
  3. my mum got cancer mate and needed someone there for her that's why they sped my discharge process up, they said when i came back i wouldn't need to go through selection again which i didn't im just being thrown straight into phase 1

    * edit * haha just spotted your siggy red dwarf is the dogs bollox love it :D
  4. Im sorry to hear that mate. They are shit hot on compasionate issues in ATR.

    There's still episodes of Red Dwarf I laugh out loud at now, despite having first seen them at the age of ten! that 15 years ago! Flawless classic comedy genius.
  5. thanks bud appreciated, yeh they offered me some time off and said i would be back squadded but you cant really pin an exact time on how long you could be off so was better just to DAOR alot of ranks where like " yeye whatever when u go back to civvy life u wont be back " so am sure i'll shock a few instructors when i go back.

    I used to watch them online then the family bought me every episode for this xmas just gone so am pleased, cat has to be my best character the guys a legend !
  6. The first six series are the classic ones, VII and VIII are weak to say the least. I think my personal favourite episode is Demon's and Angels from series V.

    When the Evil Rimmer first emerges in stockings and suspenders and threatens to beat Lister to "within an inch of his life, and then have him"
    I laughed so hard I nearly shat myself.
  7. haha yeh i would say my best has to be meltdown and better then life

    no one really knows of red dwarf out of my pals been only 19 myself my mates have never heard of it but when i show them it they dont seem to grasp the concept that it's a classic and understand the witty humour
  8. As long as the question relates to the time you did before you were binned?
  9. No! He got out to look after his sick mother....
  10. who got binned you idiot if you read the rest of it i left due to family reasons, have abit of respect
  11. Thats your downfall. Stay alert - stay alive..........or gainfully employed in HMF.

  12. Yes you were.

    Now then. Tell us all about phase 1. I'm about to start middle of next year.
  13. no need, i hope to god none of your family come down with any forms of cancer because its the worst experience ever, and you should have more respect
  14. You're right.

    But. Stop blithering on about it.

    All you will do is attract attention and people will ask if 'your mummy is still rotten etc'.

    I wouldnt of course because I'm a nice chap.
  15. For fucks sake. The youth of today. I had a particularly virulent strain of cancer a few years ago. I took paracetamol and CFT's to cure it. Get over it.