Questions about TST


Three quick questions,

1) Are you given paper for working out?

2) Is it done on the computer like the practice one on the website?

3) Like the website one, does each question say what topic the question is?

1. Yes
2. No
3. No

The TST is a multiple choice test consisting of 55 questions. You will have 45 minutes to answer the questions.

You are provided with a multiple choice answer sheet, the question paper, scrap paper, a basic calculator and a pen.

You are not marked down for incorrect answers so if you get to the end and have not filled in all the questions on the answer sheet, simply fill in random answers and you might get lucky.

It is roughly equivalent to GCSE maths, so if you are struggling then hire a tutor or pick up a revision book.
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When I did the sample questions at the beginning of the TST they were simple things is that not a bit miss leading to a candidate are they actually the same as the online practice one or did you find yourselves scratching your heads.
Passed the TST having not done any maths since I was 16 (a good 10 years ago). BBC bitesize is excellent for the type of stuff you are going to do. As are any of the GCSE revision guides. Put a bit of graft in with those and you'll be grand
@JRKarth Think i trump anyone I am grand old age of 39 attempting is allot of the math is new from my day ie more to the recent G.C.S.E. But yeah been studying allot on fractions and all how did you find the time 55 questions 40 mins seems very tight like.

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