Questions about training periods/gaps.

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Hey everyone.

So at the moment im in the very early stages of my application. Im hoping to join the Royal Artillery and be part of the Gunners (i also have my other 2 job roles picked out already) and im really committed to succeeding in this.
I just phoned my doctor and my medical forms are ready to be picked up! So ill be taking them into my careers office as soon as possible. So now i know the process will be Pre ADSC -> Interview 2 -> Interview 3 -> 2 day ADSC then wait.
My question for that is roughly how long will that take from the moment i hand my medicals in to the waiting to see if i get to phase 1 training (if all gos well that is)? I understand that no one can give me an accurate answer because it all depends on this and that, but i would be very happy with a rough estimate from personal experience because im guessing march/april time? And ive been looking online and some people go in November or other dates.

The reason i ask is that in October my sister is getting married and going abroad to do so. Shes asked me to be chief bridesmaid and obviously i dont want to let her down. We spoke about it today and she got quite upset, but there wont be anything i can do if im halfway through training so im not sure anything i say/tell her will help. So my question for this is, Once ive done Phase 1 and 2 training, where do i go from there? and how long does it take for me to go "there"? I know after both the Phase 1 and 2 you get 2 weeks to see family and friends? or what ive been told anyway. But after Phase 2 training, how long do i get and where do i go? If i go by the maths i have in my head i should still be able to go to her wedding, but thats as long as i go to Phase 1 training in March, and it depends on how long i get after Phase 2 training. (I dont know why i thought March no body has told me that date i just assumed that and i think i know now that thats not gona happen) Am i seriously being optimistic that i can go lol?

But yeah any advice and help would be lovely :)
i cant see you going in march if they havent got your medical forms yet your looking at feb for pre adsc then near end of feb adsc and interviews so unlikely
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