Questions about situps/pressups.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dizzee367, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. In selection, Do u have to keep going for the full 2mins? I think the minimum number of pressups is about 44? I can do that in just under 1min, But then my arms start to tire out and i cant keep going for the full 2mins. I have'nt sent my application forms in yet so i have a while to improve, Hopefully this means when/if I can go for the full 2mins, I should be doing about 70-80 pressups. But just wondering.
  2. no you dont have to do the full two minutes you just have to get to 44 however it worth training to do more as if you have a tw@t of a PTI he may well say that 30 or so are not good enough and not count them.
  3. Ok thanks, I will keep training so i can hopefully go for aslong as i can and get around 70-80 pressups.
  4. its not you do as to how many you do as how well you do them. Make sure they are done properly or you will just be wasting your time. Good luck though.
  5. Yeah, Im pretty sure im doing them properly. Thanks.
  6. You don't actually do them in selection anyway.

    10 in the Doc's office to prove you can do them, and that's it, and even that he stopped mine after 4 I think.
  7. Correct, you do not get assessed on press-ups OR sit-ups in soldier selection. You do, however, get assessed on them if you attend officer selection.
  8. I thought you had to do a ceartian amount whether officer or soldier???
  9. Not at selection, it's not assessed. For a soldier, you've got the jerry can carry, a whole bundle of machines which assess max lift ability etc, heaves (pull-ups) and the run. No press-ups or sit-ups.
  10. As said you dont do these tests at selection, ask your recuiter for the fitness brochure and it show you everything you need to do at selection and a training program you can do prior to selection whilst your going through the process.
  11. They make ministers undergo soldier training now? That'll sort 'em! ;)
  12. S Sorted :oops:
  13. That might just be the best idea ever.
  14. How many pull-ups do you have to aim to go for? I've never really tried doing pull-ups as I have nowhere to train to do them.
  15. Dizzee - I bought one of those home chinning bar things, cost £14 and you screw it into the door frame. Job done. Only arrived today so my effort was poor, but it's solid enough and does the job.

    Here's the one I bought:

    Amazon are out of stock, but there are plenty online sports places that will sell them.