Questions about KIT and Driving

I am joingin the TA in the next few months. I have a few questions about the TA that i hope you guys can help me with.

Will i need to buy any kit (bergan, boots, waterproofs etc) or is it all provided?
Do you recommend buying better/replacement kit or do you have to stick with the Kit issued?
Do you keep all your kit at home?
How often do you get to shoot?

My local TA unit is signals and they are looking for drivers. There is also a TAC 5 miles away that is RLC. Whats the main differences between driving for Signals or RLC, and would you recommend joining one over the other.(Would you get to drive a bigger range of verhicles in RLC?)

Cheers for any help you can give.

Hi Baz,

Upon successfully joining and all paperwork have been approved you will be measured and issued kit. The issue kit is good and will get you through basic training. Up to you if you keep the need to upgrade, many people buy items which just make life more comfortable.
Hold fire on the shooting, you have to do a number of weekends before they allow you on the ranges.
Couldn't tell you much about driving im afraid..
At first you will get everything you need issued, Boots, Waterproofs ( Goretex) and Bergan.

Once you have joined and gone all the way through the recruitment process you might want to purchase some extra comfy Items. But I strongly suggest that you save your dosh and wait until you decide it's the Part Time Career for you before you spend.

Personally in almost 20 Years in the TA, I actually needed to spend very little. ( A goretex DMP set being the biggest outlay and that's before they were on issue).

You might want to consider an decent pair of boots for use in the field, torches, Gas cooker, Better socks. but these are fairy cheap items.

Why not wait untill you see what Gucci bits of kit are popular with the toms at which ever non teeth arm you join. :D

PS Don't whatever you do turn up on Recruit selection sporting a 10" Rambo Knife it will not save you from the ire of your instructors.

Best of luck with your enlistment.
Thanks for the advice lads. Im not rushing off to buy kit, just wondering what the crack was. So do you keep the kit at home or at the TAC (Obviously keep uniform at home)

If your lucky enough to get a locker then by all means keep it at the TAC because it takes up soo much space. I personally keep mine at home so i can pack for a weekend and know where everything is.
Most units hold the bergan/webbing centrally at your local TAC. The kit you get issued will do you fine till you have a few years under your belt. Signals drivers tend to drive landrovers/Bedford 4 tonnies/comi vans and minibuses. You will also be trained in setting up and maintaining all types of generators 1kw, 2kw, 3.5 kw etc. RLC drivers drive a wider range of vehicles such as DROPS, UBREs but will also drive LR and 4/8 tonnies. Depends what the RLC units role is.

I'd strongly suggest the Signals myself, better money, more technically challenging and a good bunch.
Dont need to buy anything except maybe a small torch and a little pocket knife . But basically wait till you finished recruit training nowadays issuse kit is good enough .
Depending on unit might keep kit at home or at unit depends how they do things pro and cons to both .Nice not to have it taking up room at home
but also nice to be able to sort it out in your own time .

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