Questions about joining the Infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dogmonkey, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. All,

    Please post your questions in this thread. It will allow other folk to trawl through and look at what has already been asked / discussed, and will prevent the clogging-up of the hallowed hall of heroes with stuff which has been gone over ad infinitum over the past 5 years!

    Many thanks.

    If not, your questions will be merged with this thread anyway.
  2. OK, I have a quick question. I'm joining the Rifles soon and hear you can choose which battalion you want to join. I want to make the right decision but I want to know more about how the roles differ. I know mechanised use vehicles and Light go around by foot, but is it as clear cut as that. Will the role I take on (ie Light Role) have much of a bearing on jobs I do when I'm in battallion? For example are Light role troops picked for certain things and mechanised others? I just want to know if there will be much difference in day to day lifestyle between each battallion.

    I've been watching a few vids on Youtube about the different roles, but the light role vid seems to mainly focus on the reconaisance platoon's job, which I assume is another thing all together.

  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Firstly, day to day roles (when not in combat or on exercise) are all pretty similar. Fitness, duties, drinking and whoring.

    When out in the oollie on the other hand, the light infantry do things a certain way, as do the mechanised units. The speciality of the light infantry is walking, but not just any old walking, they do it REALLY quickly. They still get mechanised transport as needed. The light infantry has a proud history in combat (including Korea).

    You would do well to look up the units that you are interested in on the MOD websites and see the regimental history. This will give you a very good indicator as to the nature of their operations, and the form of warfare they specialise in.
  4. Thanks mate. I've been doing some research on The Royal Green Jackets and they are who I want to join. As such it is now a matter of deciding to go for 2 Rifles or 4 Rifles as my first choice battallion. So I guess I've got to decide wether I want to be Light role or Mechanised.
  5. 2 and 4 rifles are quite different in character. A mech bn has a some additional large items of kit to play with - but the down side is that this all has to be kept clean and serviceable which can mean some long hours in the vehicle park.
  6. I am intrested in joining the paras soon. I am told that when you are going through the main screening at the recruiting office etc you are often told that you are not suitable or have not scored enough highly enough to join that branch, even if you did. and are suggested to join another area instead.

    Is this true, and if so, is there any particular way to resist or prevent this.
  7. Hi everyone.

    I've just mistakenly made a post in the training wing section regarding how and what you get to choose when it comes to regiment, battalion and role when joining the army. I was told that perhaps I may get a better answer here. For reference here is my original question:

    As I say, just looking for information/clarification on what choices are available to me after phase 2 training. For example say I want to join the infantry, do I get to choose if I end up in a light role battalion? or if a mechanized battalion needs filling will I be posted there regardless of my preferences?

    Similar things such as this are what I'm after, any information much appreciated.

    Possibly best to look at the parachute regiment website - there are phone numbers and email addresses on there that might be good for information such as this.
  8. What happens if you fail training at catterick, are you out or given another chance?
  9. I have two questions.

    1. What is the mile and a half run time when you go to Lichfield?

    2. I'm joining The Rifles and want to go to the SF Platoon to be a Bugler, do i have to wait to do this course or can i apply for it as soon as i go to Btn?
  10. Well I have my interview on Wednesday and to be honest I've been having a bit of a hard time learning my job brief, I know the following...
    -CMS = Common Military Syllabus aka Phase 1, held at ATR Lichfield for 11 Weeks.
    -CIC = Combat Infantry Course, held at Catterick for ~17 weeks (from what I can tell).
    -PCoy = Pegasus Company, PPS = Pre-Parachute Selection held at Catterick over the course of a week.
    -BPC = Basic Parachute Courses, held at Catterick, RAF Brize Norton, Warcop and Otterburn. Duration? (Not got a scooby to be honest.)

    Interview Icebreaker, why do I want to join the Parachute Regiment?
    I want to join the Army because it occurs to me that civilian life isn't for me, I've only ever had success when been put under pressure to perform amongst others who themselves are driven to progress. This isn't something that is easily found, my feeling though is that the Army can offer me this aswell as other benefits like travel, making new friends and ultimately experiencing things I'd otherwise not have the oppertunity to.

    The reason I want to join the Parachute Regiment in particular is because I find them to be some of the most efficient at whatever role they take on, their mental and physical strength is something I aspire to and because frankly, I have no greater enthusiasm than for this Regiment and what they have done and I'm sure will continue to do in areas' requiring their attention.
    Now, that's not all I know but is there anything else that might pop in in line of questioning? Recent regiment history? Regiment formation?

    My fitness is still a work in progress, down to 10:39 from 12:47 in ~10 days and I'm now going to start working on running for longer (40minutes+) most days to get that time down closer to <9:00 for the 1.5 miles.

    Any suggestions on my icebreaker?

  11. Hey guys, just had a quick browse around the forum, thought I'd join.

    I've always considered joining the army, as infantry. I remember being very young and telling my parents "I'm going to join the army" every so often I do research into it and just talk about it with people. It seems I really want to do it deep down, sometimes I think "**** that, rather just be lazy and **** all day playing games", but the want to join the army keeps coming back!

    My brother is in the Grenadier Guards, he's just come back from Afghan, and whenever I look at the pics he brought back, I wish I could've been there! I want that lifestyle, I'm fed up of being lazy and having nothing in my life.

    My question is, if you had my life: (1st year at college, shitty shelf stacking part time job, learning to drive, sit on your arse all day because college is only on 2 days a week) would you join the infantry? Do you think these recurring "urges" to be in the army should be followed? I've always thought it might be a phase, but phases don't last 10+ years!

    Advice would be great.
  12. The sex pistols put it best when they wrote 'be a man, a real man, join the army and kill somebody'. The Infantry are God's soldiers who find, close with and destroy the enemy. You can lead the rest of your life wondering or grow a pair and join up.
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  13. That's what I say to myself... Why keep wanting to join up, it may get to a point when it's too late and I can't anymore.. Then I'd just regret it. I might go into the careers office sometime this week.

    Thanks for the inspiring words.
  14. Could'a, should'a would'a but you don't sound like you will. The problem with society is that everybody wants everything free, easy and now. Why not buck the current stream of dross hitting our streets and stand up and be counted. Stop talking and wondering, throw off your cloak of apathy, stop writing about it on line and grab a cab to the AFCO. What's the worst that can happen?
  15. Don't you think it sounds like I want to? I want it, but I need time to think as I'd be throwing everything away if I did it, I'm doing media in College with the chance to work in game design or animation once I finish... Not too easy to just give up on like that.

    A few questions:

    Can I learn to drive in the Army? Learning to drive is one of my top priorities right now, I could throw away college but I really want to get my drivers license.

    How fit do you need to be? I never do exercise, I'm not atall fat, my body shape is close to anorexic even though I eat more than a fat person would. Can the army give me the fitness or does the entrance test require me to be quite fit?