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with the new site engine, it is now far easier to merge threads. therefore, you will be pleased to know that bone questions posted outside the "recruiting" sticky can be moved with an ease which matches our ruthlessness.

for potential candidates etc - please don't be upset by the lack of explanation. if your question belongs in the recruiting sticky, that's where it will be relocated to... unless you deserve to be thrown to the wolves first... :)

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Waiting Time


this is a question for anyone who's been through the selection process recently. how long did you have to wait between each part of selection?- pre adsc, interview, adsc etc. i did pre-adsc last wednesday and would like to crack on and get into the corps as soon as possible. how long do you think i'll be waiting from this point on if i pass everything first time?

thanks, willmark​
willmark, i know it's confusing but this thread applies to you too... you'll get far more useful answers if you put things like this in the recruiting thread. i've moved it for you, but please confine things like this to the sticky in future. cheers.
Take care, CR. At this rate Glasgow will have you chinagraphed in as the next 'Keeper of the Archives' and you'll be handed a box of index cards and locked in a dark room at Chix.

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