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Questions about being a (junior) Medical Officer

Evening all,

I'm about to qualify as a Dr & have my 'foundation' pre-reg training for 2 years this August lined up already.

I'm in no way military but I've always toyed with the idea of doing some time in the army and recently the urge to do something useful to support our troops has been really quite strong - so I'm here to find out a bit more if anyone can help me make my mind up I'd be really grateful.

I have 2 main options, Join either the TA or regular army.

The TA said I sort out my own NHS job, train with them around that and get deployed as and when.

Would I get to go to Bastion if we're still out there in 2013?

I have spoken to the regular army recruitment people, I can join for a minimum of 4 years in 2013 when I have my GMC registration. But they couldnt tell me about the structure of my time there... :? So if anyone roughly knows what on earth I might be doing, please could you let me know!

What role does a junior doctor have in the army?
Do I get attached to a regular regiment/hospital or will I get bumped around alot?
I'd like to get deployed to Bastion at some point - would this likely happen?
Do they let junior doctors out of Bastion to more forward clinics?

Thanks for reading.

p.s. Random questions, does the RAF CCAST outfit that was on the channel 4 documentry "the flying hospital" take junior doctors with them?


At the moment you would be lucky to get in. We have over recruited medical cadets by around 50% and a few of them will get a shock when they are not able to convert to medium or reg commissions. If you do get in you will probably spend 2-3 years in general duties with a med regt and do at least 1 operational tour. any specialist training will happen after that by competitive interview

And no the light blue prima donnas on CCAST do not take junior docs along - an ITU at 30000 feet is not the place to have keen but unskilled help.

Good luck and don't worry, we will still be on the desert in 2013
i am a final year med student who was fortunate enough to get a cadetship. Docsavage is right in that they have oversubscribed in the years above me but fortunately for my year and those below there are far fewer cadets than previously. I spoke to the Colonel in charge of us the other day and his words were that they responsibility to those on cadetships and and already in before they start taking extras. Your best person to contact is Major Salt at the Amd, if you would liek his details PM me.

I believe you can still deploy even if you are in the NHS on an adhoc basis.
Bloody good job this thread is in computer text. Could you imagine trying to read the handwriting if it was on a handwritten message message board?

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