Questions about becoming an Armourer

Discussion in 'REME' started by Point & Shoot, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. How high do you have to score on the BARB, maths & English tests to get the chance to become an Armourer?

    Can I choose the regiment that I will be attached to? If yes, do I wear the REME cap badge or the cap badge of the regiment I am attached to?

  2. You wear your own REME cap badge on the attached unit's head dress. Your own Corp's flashes, stable belt but usually the attached unit's slide.
  3. good choice i did 27 years i dont regret the choice of trade sometimes the units you are sent to are arse but you know that you will move on. Get yourself a firearms cert and start collecting. It causes all sorts of problems but its well worth it. You really should have an interest in all things that go bang and of coures PORN.
  4. Maths, English and BARB - not a Scooby on the current climate. Just give it your best shot and keep putting Armourer at the top of your list.

    Not sure where you do your phase one but you'll be imprisoned at Bordon for your Basic Armourer Course - SHITHOLE! :) (Trade side is good with some decent instructors and the majority of the course is good, however, life other side of the fence is (Or at least it was) a bit shite.

    As coxy93 said - you will wear a few unit embellishments, adopt a few of their traditions but also bring your REME drinking traditions and perversions to the mixer.

    Postings - you'll fill out a preference form while you are at Bordon and you'll be sent where you are needed.

    There are other options as an Armourer:

    Royal Marines; Sign-up as a Marine, do a few years on the ground then get trained up as an Armourer.
    RAF; Sign up as an RAF Armourer and er, well, have lots of you sitting around drinking tea and looking busy(ish).
  5. Thanks for the answers. I'm 15 (16 in February) so I'll have to go to ATFC Winchester for my phase one.
  6. I've just started my armourer course, 4 weeks in so any more course specific question you have or anyone else you have on the beginnings of the exciting life at SEME feel free to fire them my way.
  7. Firthy556 - How's it all going - Life in Bordon going OK?
  8. Yeh its not bad, the course is quite good. I've never done anything practical / hand skills in my life so loved welding / blacksmithing. The first 5 weeks we're pretty naff the foundation engineering bit but after that the 2 days armourer course induction was superb ! Looking round the armoury, field stripping everything and getting a look round the AS90 / chally 2.

    Onto optics in a week then pistols after christmas which should be brilliant.
  9. Yes if your Aiming for JE Armourer for September 2011 to May 2012 you will firstly go to AFC(T) at Winchester for 23 weeks then go onto SEME Bordon.

    At SEME you will be there initially doing a 5 week Foundation course (Science, Maths and resistance materials) to see if your up to the standard of being able to pass the course. Then go onto the 34 week (approx) maintaining, modifications and repairing weapons and also optical instruments.

    You need to get at least 48 on BARB and as high as you can on your Basic Skills Literacy and need at least Entry level 2 for all jobs but these grades do go into your final IDST score at ADSC(selection) so aim for at least Level 1. At ADSC you will also do a TST (Technical Selection Test) where you need over 16 (maths and science).

    Along with this you need your predicted grades then get them in August 2011 of D grades English Language, Maths and Science.

    Worked a lot with armourers and had some very good ones as third Man on my Warrior and 434....most the time they muck in and help on the tasks and do make extremely tasty brews....once you get rid of the floaters.
  10. You need to have a reasonable manner as well, as I remember it the "tiffys shop" was the one stop for all the favours. Things might have changed in the infantry but I doubt it.
  11. I didn't realise that you had mentioned the TST on your reply, I've been looking in other threads for info. on it.. Is the score really 16? I did a practice TST on the army website (28 questions instead of 55) and I got 17 right without much effort or paper for working out. Also I thought it was just maths, not science as well? Thanks.